The benefits of apricot oil for the skin

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The benefits of apricot oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Apricot oil2 The benefits of apricot oil for the skin3 natural recipes for skin care with apricot oil4 referencesApricotThis oil is extracted from the kernel of apricots, and it is also called apricot seed oil, fine yellow color, and there is no smell, and it is commonly used in bath products, makeup, perfumes, connections (body), lipstick, and massage oils, and is characterized by a light weight on its weight on the skin, where the natural oils that are secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin, can be compared to olive oil, avocado oil and sesame oil, and it is used as an alternative to almond oil, and it has many advantages; Depending on how it is used, and in this article, we will mention its benefits for the skin. [1] [2]Benefits of apricot oil for the skinApricot oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids that contain high levels of linoleic acid and oleic acid, and it is characterized by easy absorption of the skin; This nourishes it, renews it, filters it and allows it, as apricot oil is considered the ideal oils for dry skin, skin infected with wrinkles, in addition to calming irritation and skin history. [ 3] [4] Knowing that there are many benefits of apricot

2 The benefits of apricot oil for the skin

oil for the skin, and the following will mention some of them:Skin exfoliation: apricot oil returns freshness and softness to the skin, by mixing apricot oil with sugar and rubbing the face using the mixture gently, which cleans the skin, ridding it of impurities, dead skin cells and blackheads, as it cleanses the pores. [5]Skin Moisturization: Apricot oil helps moisturize very dry areas in the skin, such as: heels, elbows, hands and feet, which adds softness to it. [6]Nightly skin moisturizing: apricot oil can be used in nightly moisturizing skin, mixing it with base oil as you wish, massaging the skin with it after cleansing and disinfecting it; Getting rid of clogged pores, and shiny nasal skin, as well as; To moisturize dry skin. [6]Maintain the health of the skin: apricot oil is characterized by a light weight, which makes it moisturizer suitable for normal and oily skin, so that the skin does not give greasy and dampness. [6].Skin Nutrition: Apricot oil contains linoleic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E, anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a useful oil to regenerate the skin, unifying its color, delaying its aging, in addition to calming the skin infected by eczema. [6]I

3 natural recipes for skin care with apricot oil

ncreased skin elasticity: apricot oil helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and lobby; Because it contains vitamin E, where the elasticity of the skin is considered one of the important things in the preservation of young skin, because the antioxidants in apricot oil are struggling with free radical damage and infection, in addition to the fact that the non-designated fat Acids help to improve the elasticity of the skin, making the skin cells more flexibility. [2].The fight against skin aging: apricot oil contains vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, and these vitamins are considered skin and helps repair ultraviolet radiation. [2]Makeup removal: Apricot oil removes makeup that easily contains oil in its formation without needing to scrub the skin with water, and it also removes dirt, in addition to that prevents the skin from losing moisture after makeup, holding the moisture in It, as it treats the skin and makes it soft in texture silk; Because it contains vitamin A, which is easily absorbed by the skin, so it can be inserted into it; To restore its cells, it can also moisturize the dry, sensitive and peeled skin. [2]Helps treat acne and its effects: several drops of base oil

can be mixed, such as: tea tree oil, lavender oil or sandalwood oil, with apricot oil, as it is a carrier oil; To relieve essential oils, use the mixture to help treat acne and its effects. [7]Get rid of melasma: apricots are used in the manufacture of skin care preparations; This is due to its natural properties in exfoliating the skin and lightning, because apricot oil contains fatty acids and vitamins [a, c, e], which helps to nourish the skin deep several drops of oil on the skin, using a cotton ball twice a day; Until the costs have disappeared. [8]Oil massage treatments: Apricot oil is often used in body massage treatments, such as: aromatherapy massage and Swedish massage; Indeed, it is rich in vitamin E, and the duration of its validity is long and it is light. As it is easily absorbed, it is also used in traditional medicine to treat skin diseases; Indeed, it is moisturizing, nourishing and prevents skin drying, knowing that it can also be used to help treat psoriasis, stimulate skin healing, reduce surfing and history, in addition to that, it tightens the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines. [9] Apricot oil is considered by the best oils used in massage; in fa

ct, it reduces tension, pain and skin infections. [6]Natural recipes for skin care with apricot oilApricot oil, honey, cocoa butter and sesameThis recipe is used to make a natural anti-drift, aging, and how to prepare it is:[10]ingredients:1 tablespoon of cocoa butter.Half a tablespoon of dark organic honey.Two drops of sesame oil.Two drops of apricot oil.How to prepare: the ingredients are well mixed; To create a smooth and creamy mixture.Recipe for shea butter, apricot oil and perfumeThis recipe is used to make a moisturizing home cream for the skin, and this recipe is suitable for sensitive skin, skin exposed to the love of youth, and the way it is prepared is:[11]ingredients:Half a cup of shea butter.Two tablespoons of apricot oil.10-15 drops of aromatic oil (2-3 different types of aromatic oils can be used to get the required number of drops).Heat resistant glass bowl.Electric light, manual lightning or food preparation.Glass to prepare:Fill the bottom of a pan with water, so that the height of the water is about 2.5 cm -5 cm and put it on the fire.Put a glass (safe) on the pan, so that the surface does not touch the water.Melt the shea butter in the glass bowl, moving

it from time to time.Add the apricot oil to the dissolved shea butter and mix well (jojoba, sweet almond oil or avocado oil can be used, and two different types can be mixed).Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes and take into account the mixture completely.Add 10 to 15 drops of different essential oils, and 2 to 3 types can be used, such as: five drops of lavender, three drops of island seed oil and three drops of sirmie clary oil.Whisk the mixture with electric, manual or prepared food. To create a creamy mixture.Transfer the cream to a glass jar using a rubber spoon.Store the cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, where it is used within 6 to 12 months.Note: It is recommended that the cream not be stored in a plastic jar; this is because the essential oils in the cream interact with the plastic and reduce the validity date.the reviewerWas the item useful?

The benefits of apricot oil for the skin

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