The benefits of argan oil for the face

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The benefits of argan oil for the face – “Contents1 argan oil2 components of argan oil3 The benefits of argan oil for the face4 General benefits of argan oilargan oilArgan oil or Moroccan argan oil – and it is called in the familiar gold oil or golden oil – is considered one of the most famous natural oils, and it is extracted from rare trees scattered in the Moroccan liquorice plain, and this oil has entered many areas and uses: In addition to the food and therapeutic field, as well as cosmetic; Being a high percentage of compounds and vitamins essential for the health of the body, including acids: such as oleic acid, lainneic, strawberry and others. Given the importance of argan oil, we have chosen to review in our article the most important benefits of facial skin, as well as its most general benefits.Ingredients of argan oilArgan oil consists of a group of vehicles, above which:Linolic acid.Selecci acid.Palmic acid.Fatty acids, including omega -3 and omega 9.Tokovirol or vitamin E.Skwalin.Steroids.Carotin.Venereal compounds.The benefits of argan oil for the faceArgan oil is perfect for reducing the great and early appearance of signs of aging and age, such as wrinkles, fine and thin lines and other signs; It contains

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a very high level of natural active anti-oxidants, in addition to vitamin E.It moisturizes the skin, maintains its softness, protects it from dryness, as it eliminates roughness and dryness.It increases the freshness of the skin of the face, prevents the paleness of its natural color and strengthens its beauty and brightness.It is an ideal solution for eliminating acne and the effects of spots and scars.It is very useful to regenerate skin cells and stimulate blood circulation in the skin, which maintains its vitality and youth.It treats burns resulting from direct and continuous exposure to sunlight and fights all the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.It is used to exfoliate the skin and its wheel, and prevents the accumulation of dead cells and its scales.General benefits of argan oilThe benefits of argan oil are not limited to the skin, but rather other benefits:It is used to get rid of common problems that affect the hair: such as dry scalp problems, and the resulting dandruff, as well as the hair and gives it a silky texture, and eliminates its pain and fear.It eliminates the signs of skin that extends from pregnancy and significant and surprising obesity.It is considered a la

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rgely safe natural oil, as it can be used for children.It relieves the symptoms of skin diseases and protects them from exacerbation, including eczema.It eliminates dryness and fashions that affect the feet.It strengthens the nails, fights their weakness and softness, protects them from breaking and increases their shine.It is good to preserve the health and beauty of the lips, eliminates its dryness, increases its softness and gives it a pink color.Was the article useful?

4 General benefits of argan oil

The benefits of argan oil for the face

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