The benefits of basil for the skin

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The benefits of basil for the skin – “Contents1 basil2 Value of dietary basil3 Health benefits of basil4 Benefits of basil for the skin5 Video benefits of basil papersBasilBasil is one of the green aromatic plants, with a pleasant smell, was used in the past to prevent the common cold and its treatment, and they used it in India to treat acne and rheumatic pain, but in the Arabian Gulf, it is famous for Its use as a perfume, given its good smell, either recently and basil is used in abundance in alternative medicine because it has great benefits and dietary elements that are important for the health of the body and the skin simultaneously. In this article, we will show the value of food basil, its health benefits for the body and the benefits of basil for the skin.Value of Edible BasilEach hundred grams of basil contains the following nutritional values:(22) calories.(0.64) fat.(2.65) carbohydrates.(1.6) fiber.(3.15) protein.Free Colatrol.Health benefits of basilBasil has a great ability to enhance memory and strengthen the nerves.Basil is considered a hypocrisy of body temperature, so they use it in South Africa where the high thermal degrees there, the basil drink works as the antipyretic.Basil quickly treats sore t

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hroat, oral infections, gums and phlegm, by making a gargle from boiled basil and mint leaves three to four times a day.Basil treats kidney infections and gets rid of gravel, by drinking boiled basil leaves with honey, for about six months with daily use.Basil relieves colic for children and is useful in cases of diarrhea and vomiting.Basil gets rid of fatigue and tiredness, symptoms of tiredness, and increases the ability of individuals to withstand the pressures of life and work, by eating twelve basil leaves daily.Basil treats severe headache pain and gives a feeling of comfort, by constantly making compresses from soaked basil leaves.HeadacheBasil reduces blood sugar.Basil reduces excess weight, by drinking boiled basil, which reduces the hormone cortisol that contributes to increased appetite, thus reducing appetite and overweight.Benefits of basil for the skinWiping the skin with basil soak, basil contributes to:Increasing and brightening the freshness of the skin.Fighting wrinkles and maintaining the skin of the skin.Basil paper oil is one of the useful oils for the skin, we use it by:Massage the body with basil paper oil while doing a bathroom, which is comfortable after st

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ress and fatigue.Reduce basil paper oil in water 3: 8 and wipe the skin with a piece of cotton to remove pimples.The basil removes acne and pimples through:Place a number of basil leaves in boiling water, expose the skin to steam for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour, then wipe the face with a piece of cotton, then rinse the face with cold water to close the pores that have been opened as the opens The result of exposure to hot water.Add two tablespoons of dried and ground basil to two tablespoons of dried mint, then add a tablespoon of flour to the mixture of basil and mint, then add three tablespoons of water, stir the recipe well and put it on the skin for fifteen minutes, and wash it with cold water.Video of the benefits of basil papersIts leaves give a distinct smell and flavor when cooked. Do you like basil leaves? :Was the article helpful?

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The benefits of basil for the skin

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