The benefits of chamomile oil for the skin

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The benefits of chamomile oil for the skin – ” Contents1 chamomile oil2 Benefits to the general chamomile oil3 Benefits of chamomile oil for the skin4 Nutritional value of chamomile5 referencesChamomile oilChamomile flowers contain a pilot oil of 1.5% of the dry flower content, and this oil is extracted in a distillation method, so that chamomile oil is produced in the form of a heavy viscous liquid in a blue color that has the scent of chamomile itself. [1]This oil contains many compounds that stand out with its multiple properties, including Fabisabolo, Bisabol Okaside A, Pispolol Okaside B, Bisabolone Okaside A, trance veransin compounds, the compound of blue characterized by its blue and the compound spatholinol. ]]The flowers also contain a good percentage of flavonratic, the most famous of which are flavon galasuzoid, vagicon, and liotiolin, Crizoriol, and Valnonol Glycoside, and Curestin, and the oil also contains the substance and visarane. The flowers also contain hydroxy comians whose The most important compounds are ambeliferon, hernarin and some 10% gels. [1]Public benefits of chamomile oilChamomile oil is characterized by many therapeutic and aesthetic properties, as it is ideal for relaxation and comfort after a

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day of fatigue, as it has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, a charter for the wind and a general residence for the body, as It is useful for treating most problems of methoteth, including many types, the most famous of which are the Romanian and German type. [2]The benefits of chamomile oil for the skinOne of the most important benefits of chamomile oil for the health and freshness of the skin:> [3]Good for acne and eczema: Chamomile oil is characterized by anti-inflammatory, so it is good to get rid of acne when applying it frequently to the affected areas, as it is useful for relieving eczema of all kinds, it has the ability to Reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, as the skin gets rid of the effects of pimples and scars when mixing with a good amount of evening bonus oil, which is also anti-inflammatory, and with care for frequent use, the results will appear clear.Reduces rashes and scars: when mixing nearly four drops of Roman chamomile oil with a little coconut oil, and then massage this mixture on the skin frequently, this mixture has a soothing effect for all types of skin irritation, and care should be taken continuously to constantly Moisturize the affec

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ted area for best results and for bright and healthy skin, and chamomile oil is known to relieve sunburn, applying a few drops in the bath when bathing.It maintains the youth of the skin and reduces its defects: it is really special in this oil its ability to treat aesthetic problems such as getting rid of dark circles that distort the eyes of the eyes and wrinkles that remain on the face to give it a greater life, through the continued use of this oil with circular massage of the face will reduce fatigue and circles, and the skin cells will be renewed to give the skin beauty, youth and recovery.Dietary value of chamomileThe following table shows the vitamins and minerals in one cup (237 grams) of chamomile tea, and its energy content has not been included because it does not exceed 2.4 calories. [4]Use valueVitamin A47.4 International UnitsFlat 2.4 microgramsCholin 0.9 milligramsCalcium 4.7 milligramsIron 0.2 milligramsMagnesium 2.4 milligramsPotassium 21.3 milligramsFluoride 30.8 microgramsthe reviewerWas the item useful?

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The benefits of chamomile oil for the skin

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