The benefits of garlic oil for the face

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The benefits of garlic oil for the face – ” Contents1 garlic2 Benefits of garlic oil for the face3 garlic oil face masks4 referencesgarlicGarlic is a two-year plant, meaning that it needs two years or two agricultural seasons to complete its life cycle. It is found in the form of several cloves under the ground and at a sufficient depth so that it does not dissolve due to cold or rot, and it is an easy plant to grow that does not need a specific climate, its original homeland in Central Asia, but it is grown all over the world now, man knew about 5000 years ago and used it in food and medicine. [1]Regarding garlic oil, it can be extracted by soaking garlic cloves in natural olive oil, or by distillation with steam, or its time using fruit juice, and its advantage is that it contains many vitamins, acids and volatile oils, which is used In the treatment of many problems, especially skin problems and that we will mention in this article. [1]Benefits of garlic oil for the faceDespite the annoying smell of garlic and its home, its effectiveness in getting rid of many diseases stimulates the possibility of its smell, because it can be taken orally or used, and below the benefits of garlic oil for the face: [ 2]Reduce fungal inf

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ections, such as: itching and chastity.Get rid of acne; Because it is an antibacterial and virus, by mixing it with a handful of clay.Give freshness and vitality to the skin; It contains many important vitamins for the skin.Delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging; It contains anti-oxidants and keratin.Get rid of blackheads, which usually gather around the nose.Activate blood circulation, which increases skin recovery with sulfur.Garlic oil masks for the faceSome masks that can be prepared with garlic oil:[3]Crush a clove or two garlic, then add a tablespoon of white clay, and another of honey, and a drop of water, taking care to wash the face and clean it before applying the mask, then apply the face with the mixture and leave it for a period of at least half an hour, with the possibility of repeating the recipe three times a maximum during the week.Crush a clove of garlic with the addition of a little lemon juice to obtain a firm paste, then the mixture is applied as an ointment on the face for a period of at least fifteen minutes.Note: The above masks can not be applied on sensitive skin on the one hand, and it can not be used on any type of skin, except in the evenin

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g period, in order to avoid the effects of inversion due to the interaction of oil in garlic with sunlight, while making sure to use a sunscreen per day afterwards to use the recipe.Before using garlic oil on the face, it is best to try it on a small area of the neck, or hands and monitor the appearance of any allergic reaction to the skin, and stop using garlic oil directly if the skin expresses an allergic reaction .the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The benefits of garlic oil for the face

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