The benefits of ice compresses

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The benefits of ice compresses – ” Contents1 snow pack2 Benefits of ice packs3 How to make ice packs for bruises4 referencesSnow packsThe snow or ice is known as solid water and wet, as for the difference between ice and snow, it depends on the hardness and cohesion of the molecules, so that the snow is fragile and frozen crystals that facilitate its formation, while the ice is very solid Mass difficult to form, [1] and snow has many advantages for a person it is used in many areas, where the ice can be used to save food and store for long periods, and it is used to cool juices and water Summer, and in the ice cream industry, it can also be used in many household cleaning operations, such as: removing gum from clothes and cleaning narrow glassware, it can also be used as a compress to treat some body-related problems, which we will mention in this article. [2]Benefits of ice packsBelow are the benefits of ice packs:[3]It is used to treat many skin problems, as it gets rid of the effects of acne on the face.It is used as a treatment for some cases of burns, especially burns resulting from long periods of direct sun exposure.Used on the face to lighten and whiten the complexion.The pain caused by the process of remo

2 benefits of ice compresses

ving excess hair from the body and face is reduced.The pores of vast face are shrunk, as it reduces the pores and tightens the skin, thus increasing their freshness and vitality, in addition to stimulating the blood circulation in the facial area.It treats certain skin problems, such as: rash.It fights the signs of aging by treating wrinkles and some high facial lines.It reduces oily and oily secretions, especially in oily skin.Some bruises, bumps and blood collection areas are treated following exposure to certain injuries and treat surface swelling.Eye bruises are treated and flatulence that affects the eyelids.How to make ice packs for bruisesTo make ice compresses, we perform the following: [4]Bring a quantity of ice cubes, sorting the water in the ice cubes for 8 hours.The ice cubes are placed in a plastic bag, and then the bag is placed in a towel.The affected organ is a little elevated by placing it on a slightly elevated pillow, and the towel containing the ice cubes is placed on the site of injury for a third of an hour, and it is prohibited to use the ice directly on the site of injury.We repeat the above steps more than once a day, and it is best to repeat it every three

3 How to make ice compresses for bruises

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The benefits of ice compresses

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