The benefits of Moroccan Arkan oil for the skin

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The benefits of Moroccan Arkan oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Arkan oil1.1 The benefits of argan oil for the skin1.2 The benefits of Arkan oil1.3 Arkan oil recipesargan oilThe argan tree is a rare existence, because it lives only in Morocco and Algeria, and it is known by many names, such as: argan, Argan or Berber almond. And cosmetic, and experts have unanimously agreed on the importance of this oil for the skin, which we will mention in this article.The benefits of argan oil for the skinIt improves dry skin and moisturizes it.Reduces and moisturizes the cracks of the lips and gives them pink.Reduces signs of skin stretching and the appearance of white lines.Reduces bubbles, boils and painful infections in the toes caused by shoes.Reduces the signs of aging.It is used as a substitute for moisturizers after the shower.Treats cracks in the feet and reduces dryness in the heels.It protects the skin from sunlight.The benefits of Arkan’s general oilIt facilitates digestion, because it limits internal and external infections; because it is considered as one of the antioxidants.It treats frizzy and brittle hair and moisturizes it.It reduces dry scalp and itching.Treats and breaks nail cracks; It contains a high percentage of vitamin E.

1.1 The benefits of argan oil for the skin

Recipes for argan oilArgan oil and eggsIngredients:Half a kilogram of lemon.Two egg yolks.Two tablespoons of argan oil.A pinch of saffron.How to prepare:Cut the lemon into small slices and put them in a pot.We put the pot on the fire without adding water.We remove the pot from the fire for several minutes until it warms up, then keep it aside and be strained.Add the egg yolks, saffron and argan oil.Mix the ingredients for a coherent mixture similar to the cream.We put the mask on the skin during fifteen minutes.We wash the skin with warm water, then dry the skin with a soft towel.Argan oil and honeyingredients:One tablespoon of lemon juice.Three tablespoons of milk.A spoonful of honey.Three points of argan oil.How to prepare:Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.We put the mixture on the skin for ten minutes.We wash the skin with warm water. This recipe is useful to get rid of the signs of aging.Note: Argan oil can be used alone on the skin without mixing it with other substances, rubbing the skin or using it on the body before finishing the shower, or after the bath and using a moisturizing cloth.Was the article useful?

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1.3 Arkan oil recipes

The benefits of Moroccan Arkan oil for the skin

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