The benefits of neem for acne

1 Neem benefits for acne

The benefits of neem for acne – ” Contents1 benefits of neem for acne2 neem mask and orange peel3 neem and saffron mask4 referencesBenefits of neem for acneThe Neem plant is used to treat certain skin diseases, including young love; for it is rich in benefits and characteristics that eliminate pits, in particular:Properties control the amount of oil secreted into the skin: the skin, especially oily, is secreted, including excessive amounts of oil on its surface; This causes a blockage in the pores, and thus appears young pills, and the Neem plant has properties that reduce the amount of oil cut on the surface of the skin, for up to 5 hours, after applying it. [1 1 ]]Anti-bacterial properties: in turn, the level of acidity of the skin and hydrates it permanently, and controls the amount of oil that the skin secretes; This makes it an ideal treatment for dry skin, which can be exposed to the love of young people. [1]Therapeutic properties: NEEM contains a group of therapeutic nutrients that treat young love, such as: carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamin E and cororkarbic acids. [2]Maintenance properties: as it tightens the pores of the skin, as it is rich in flavonoid, which has a role in hiding the effe

2 neem mask and orange peel

cts that young love can leave, and also makes the skin soft and fresh. [2]Anti-inflammatory properties: reduce redness and swelling, which appear on the skin due to youthful love. [1]Neem and orange peel maskNeem leaves and orange peel can be used, to make a mask that eliminates the love of youth of all kinds, and on blackheads, whiteheads and the way:[3]ingredients:10 neem leaves.A quantity of orange peeling.A little to prepare:The ingredients are placed inside a bowl on the fire and boil until it becomes soft.The ingredients are flattened after boiling; become a homogeneous paste.The mask is placed on the affected skin and left until it dries completely.The skin is washed with cold water.Mask NEM and saffronIt is used as Neem and saffron mask; To eliminate the love of youth, especially for oily skin, because saffron has properties that open the dark effects that youth leaves behind, and the way is:[1]ingredients:Some of the neem leaves.A quantity of rose water.Some of the threads of saffron.How to prepare:The two neem leaves and saffron leaves each.Add an appropriate amount of rose water to the neem leaves; To get a firm paste.Add the saffron powder to the neem paste an

3 Nem and saffron mask

d mix the ingredients well.The mask is placed on youth pills and left for 20 minutes, or until it dries completely.The skin is washed with cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of neem for acne

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