The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skin

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The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skin – ” Contents1 About olive oil2 The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skin3 Uses of olive oil for sensitive skin4 ReferencesAbout olive oilOlive oil is extracted from olive fruits, as it comes with many varieties that differ in the method of extraction and the amount of manufacturing operations that the oil goes through until it reaches the user, and perhaps the best types of olive oil are an excellent virgin olive oil, in addition to this olive oil contains many materials that make its use useful for many areas, and one of these areas is beauty; As olive oil is used either directly, or by mixing it with other ingredients, or by using some products that contain it. [1] [2]The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skinAll skin types can use olive oil, but those with sensitive skin are preferred to experiment with olive oil on a small area of the neck or hands (patch test); Indeed, some studies have created that olive oil can lead to skin infections, especially in people who have sensitive skin, but in general, if olive oil does not cause allergic reaction after trying it on the skin, it can offer benefits to the benefits to the skin, which is the following: [1] [3] [4]It moisturizes an

2 The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skin

d nourishes the skin.Reduces the possibility of acne; in fact, it can reduce the amount of bacteria that cause acne in the skin.It reduces the possibility of wrinkles, because of the different vitamins and antioxidants.It reduces the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin, and it is also useful in softening the effect of burns resulting from long and continuous exposure to hot sun.Reduces skin infections that occur in some men after barbering, except for the smoothness of the skin texture.It increases the amount of collagen in the skin; which in turn reduces the possibility of wrinkles and can increase the freshness of the skin and reduce its discoloration.It accelerates the healing of wounds.Uses of olive oil for sensitive skinAs mentioned earlier, it should be initiated by ensuring that olive oil is not caused by an allergic reaction when using a special use of those who have sensitive skin, then several ways of using olive oil can be used in the daily skin routine , and these uses are the following: [3]As a moisturizer for the skinOlive oil is included in the manufacture of many skin care products as a moisturizer, especially facial products, and it can be used directly by apply

3 Uses of olive oil for sensitive skin

ing it directly to the oil and then removing the excess oil, and it is best used on wet skin.As a skin scrubOlive oil can be used to exfoliate the skin by mixing it with salt or sugar, but it is recommended to be a soft pill so that the person can use it on the face and sensitive areas, A, it can be with a rough pill As this type is used on the rest of the body, the importance of olive oil intervenes in that it can help exfoliate the face and body and reduce dry skin.As an eye makeup removerOlive oil can help remove makeup, especially waterproof eye makeup, by adding a few drops of olive oil to a cotton ball and gently wiping the eye area.As scarsThe vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in olive oil can help reduce scars by helping the skin cells to continuously renovate, massaging diluted olive oil on scars or mixing olive oil with lemon juice, and it can also be used on areas affected by extension.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The benefits of olive oil for sensitive skin

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