The benefits of olive oil for the skin

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The benefits of olive oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Olive2 The benefits of olive oil for the skin3 General benefits of olive oil4 referencesOlive treeThe olive tree is a blessed tree where God Almighty mentioned it in his noble book in Surat al -teen, where he said: (And the Tin and the Zeiton * and the ports of two cinema), [1] Olive fruit can be obtained and eaten in its natural form or the era of olive fruit to obtain useful oil, with the possibility of using the leaves, the olive tree is also in many uses. [2] Olive oil contains a large amount of vitamin D needed to build bones, and it also contains antioxidant substances such as flavonoids, vitamin E and carotene, and olive oil is considered easy to digest and is therefore one of the different oils on other vegetable and animal oils. Next, we will talk about the benefits of olive oil for the skin and the body in general. [3]Benefits of olive oil for the skinOlive oil is a very useful oil for the skin and skin, and from these benefits, we mention the following: [4]Reduce the appearance of acne in the skin.Protect the skin from the appearance of wrinkles, due to the presence of (polyphenol), which prevents oxidation cells, especially red blood cells, and thus prevents

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the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.Moisturizes the skin by applying it directly to the skin or by mixing it with one of the different substances.It can be used as a protector to protect the skin from harmful sunlight, and in turn, after exposure to the sun, the face can be applied with olive oil, which relieves the effects that can cause damage and problems to the skin.It can be used to moisturize the hands and legs.It is used to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin, massaging the skin with it. Coarse or salt can be added to prepare a natural scrub.It can be used to get rid of cosmetics on the skin because it nourishes the skin, and it also contains substances that stimulate, purify and sterilize the skin cells.It works to prevent the appearance of flabs in the skin because it contains maskaline.General benefits of olive oilOlive oil is a very useful oil for the body, and from these benefits, we mention the following: [5]It is useful to get rid of various digestive problems and is used as Milliard to get rid of constipation.It is included in the treatment of joint pain and pelvic glands.Open up appetite and is useful in getting rid of reluctanc

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e to eat problems.It treats respiratory problems such as sinus and asthma.It is used to treat injuries and help them recover and heal.It is useful in maintaining the integrity of the heart and protecting it from disease, as it works to reduce cholesterol in the blood, as it increases the ductility of the arteries and reduces the incidence of stroke.It works to strengthen the immune system and protect the human body from diseases and epidemics.It reduces blood sugar levels because it contains oxidizing substances.It helps to treat gout, viral diseases, hepatitis, psoriasis and other diseases.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of olive oil for the skin

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