The benefits of olive oil on the skin

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The benefits of olive oil on the skin – ” Contents1 Olive oil2 The benefits of olive oil for the skin3 uses of olive oil for the skin4 referencesOlive oilThe olive tree is one of the most widespread trees in the Mediterranean basin. The olive fruit that emerges to obtain its pure oil contains many important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the health of the body in general. Therefore, it is included in all kinds of cuisine, because of the nutritional values it contains, as it has many aesthetic uses for the skin, which help to preserve its health, as it is included in the field of hair and nail care , and it has many uses in the manufacture of detergents such as soaps, hair care products and skin. [1] [2]Benefits of olive oil for the skinOlive oil has many important benefits for the skin and its health. We mention it: [3]It contains vitamins: olive oil contains many important vitamins for healthy skin, especially fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D, E, K, A, because these vitamins are important in treating many skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, which, which That it helps to treat vitamin E in abundance in olive oil.Rich in antioxidants: olive oil is very rich in antioxidants nec

2 The benefits of olive oil for the skin

essary for the health of the body, as it protects the body from infection by many diseases, and the antioxidants present in olive oil can protect the skin from signs of aging caused by free radicals .Having antibacterial properties: it has been found that olive oil may have the ability to relieve bacterial infection that can affect the skin, as it has antibacterial properties.Skin hydration: olive oil is characterized by a light and non-strict texture, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin E and strong antioxidants, which makes it an effective moisturizer for the skin, and it also helps to protect it from any external effects such as strong winds and bright sunlight. 4]Sunburn cushion: the skin can be exposed to sunburns that can cause peeling in the skin, and olive oil can be used to help solve this problem; Indeed, it has soothing and moisturizing properties, as it reduces and exfoliates the dermatitis. Thus, it protects the skin from all risks. [2]Its use in skin exfoliation: where olive oil enters many natural recipes in which the skin is peeled, due to its ability to get rid of dead skin cells, making the skin fresher and healthier. [1 ]]Anti-aging: because olive oil is

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rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals, which can cause the appearance of early signs of aging such as wrinkles and others, as it contains a large amount of vitamin E that helps preserve the young skin and protect it from damage. [1]Uses of olive oil for the skinOlive oil is used in many areas related to the skin in terms of both therapeutic and aesthetic. Among these uses:Removing makeupOlive oil can be used to remove makeup, adding materials and at the cheapest costs. The way is: [4]ingredients:Two teaspoons of olive oil.One third of a cup of yogurt.A quarter of a cup of honey.A piece of to prepare:Bring a bowl and place the ingredients inside.Mix the ingredients well.The cotton piece is soaked in the mixture and gently rubbed the face to remove the effects of makeup.Remove dark circlesOlive oil is included in recipes that help to lighten the skin, especially in an area under the eyes that contain dark circles, because of its richness in vitamin E and other substances that open the skin naturally. The way is: [2]ingredients:A quantity of olive oil.A quantity of lemon juice (equal to the amount of olive oil).how to prepare:Bring a bowl and place the ingre

dients inside.Mix the ingredients well.Place the mixture on the dark circles and leave it for 10 minutes.Wash the face with warm water.The recipe is repeated once or twice a day.Treatment for cracked lipsOlive oil helps to treat cracked lips, as it provides them with the necessary moisture due to the large amount of vitamin E, which makes it fresh and healthy. The method is:[2]ingredients:An appropriate amount of coarse sugar.A teaspoon of olive oil.A little lemon to prepare:Bring a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the lips, with a gentle stroke.The lips are washed with warm water and then dried well.Paint olive oil on them.The recipe is repeated several times a day.Treat cracked heelThe heel of the foot is often exposed to cracking, and it can be treated with olive oil, as it provides proper hydration that eliminates these cracks. The way is: [2]ingredients:A large vessel to soak the feet.Water mixed with soap.Pumice stone.A pair of clean to prepare:The wide vessel is prepared and the water mixed with soap is poured.The feet are soaked with soap water for 10 minutes.The feet are rubbed with a pumice st

one.Rinse the feet with water, then dry well.An appropriate amount of olive oil is placed on the heels and soles of the feet with a massage for 5 minutes.Clean socks are worn on the feet and leave them overnight.The recipe is repeated daily for a few days.Remove the effects of acneOlive oil is included in recipes that help remove the effects of acne, because it has anti-bacterial properties that cause pimples, and it also contains antioxidants that help renew the skin and repair damaged ones. It can be used in this way: [5]Ingredients: a quantity of virgin olive oil.How to prepare:Olive oil is placed on the affected skin with the help of fingers.Gently massage the skin with circular movements.The skin is rinsed with lukewarm water and dried well the next morning.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of olive oil on the skin

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