The benefits of olive oil to treat acne

1 olive oil and acne

The benefits of olive oil to treat acne – ” Contents1 Olive oil and acne2 The benefits of olive oil to treat acne3 referencesOlive oil and acneAcne is considered a haunting problem, psychological and physical, the problem of acne lies in the hair of the hair under the skin, which is abundant around the sebum, and dead skin cells accumulate on it, leading to the closure of hair follicles And pimples form, and olive oil has been very popular before the appearance of skin care products with expensive skin, it has been used to clean the skin, regenerate the dead skin cells and make the young people there. [1]Benefits of olive oil to treat acneScrubUse olive oil in the past and is still used for the treatment of acne, because olive oil contains vitamins as it is rich in antioxidants, removes impurities when wiping the skin with it, loosen it and remove the remains of dead skin, reduces The effect of old acne scars and limits the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, and it can be used as follows: [1]A single tablespoon of virgin olive oil is used and placed in the palm of the hand. The amount can be reduced or increased, then rubbing the hands to distribute olive oil and apply to the skin and fingers are used to massage th

2 The benefits of olive oil to treat acne

e skin in Circular motions, with the focus of massage on areas where acne spreads, taking care not to put it inside the eyes, the circumference of the ocean can be massaged, it is ideal for fine lines and helps to cleanse the skin of cosmetics, massaging the skin face for a minute.Moisturizing a cotton towel with warm water while getting rid of any excess water. The towel is placed on the skin while it is hot and left until it cools and inhales the skin steam.Another clean cloth is used with hot water and placed on the skin and wipes off the remaining olive oil. The steps can be repeated until the entire oil is removed.Sprinkle the face with cold water to keep the moisture in the skin and close the pores.Olive oil is used to disinfect the skin as it has been clarified with the previous steps until the desired result is achieved, and it is not recommended to use it more than once a day until it does not cause dry skin, the skin needs it using olive Oil to treat acne to adopt and adapt from the beginning of the treatment and after about a week, the result improves the appearance of acne is hidden.A strengthening of blood circulation and a natural antibacterialOlive oil improves and s

timulates blood circulation, eliminates accumulations of dead skin, dust and dirt stuck to the pores, and is considered The natural skin, prevents acne and relieves its effects, olive oil can be used to put a few points before going to sleep and massage the skin with it in circular motions, leave overnight and rinse the skin in the morning with water. The advantage can be improved with the help of a cotton cloth and passed through hot water and well, and apply it to the skin until the steam penetrates the skin, and it is removed when repeating, repeat the steps before going to bed to treat acne. [2]Rich in vitamins and antioxidantsOlive oil is one of the natural oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins E, A, D, K, because it is rich in many benefits, as mentioned by the “International Olive Council in its article”, and protects the skin from direct damage to Ultraviolet rays, which is a major cause of cancer, as well as this, it is considered Clean the skin, gives it moisture and attacks bacteria, relieves acne and can also be used as an oil soapsuds. Olives to treat acne, clean the skin of bacteria and moisturize the skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of olive oil to treat acne

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