The benefits of pollen for the skin

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The benefits of pollen for the skin – ” Contents1 Pollen pills2 The benefits of pollen for the skin3 Pollen recipes for the skin4 The nutritional value of pollen grains5 referencesPollenPollen, or so-called royal jelly, is one of the most beneficial natural substances for human health, as it contains many antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, in addition to mineral salts such as: potassium and calcium Iron and other materials [1], and in this article we will focus on the importance of pollen for the skin.The benefits of pollen for the skinThere are many benefits that pollen on the face and skin in general, which are the following points: [2]Pollen contains many beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which will nourish the skin, and thus provide them with freshness and vitality.Delay the appearance of signs of aging, which are high lines and wrinkles, because they contain many antioxidants that work to constantly replenish the cells in the skin, and thus maintain them for a long time.Stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which would restore the skin of its vitality, as it will work to restore the holes and fullness of the cheeks, and thus looks younger.In case the pollen is ap

2 The benefits of pollen for the skin

plied to the lips, they will be infiltrated and moisturized, so as to achieve a more beautiful appearance.Standardize skin color, get rid of dark spots and pigmentation, which appear on the skin as a result of continuous exposure to the sun, or due to the use of certain harsh chemicals on the skin, except aging.Reducing skin disorders and diseases, such as allergies or bacterial or fungal infections, and the treatment of associated symptoms such as redness or itching, except for their treatment of psoriasis and eczema diseases.Moisturizing and softening the ailment and working to whiten it.Pollen skin recipesThere is a group of home recipes that contain pollen, which can be applied to the skin to improve, from which we mention the following: [3]Pollen mask with honey: mix a quantity of pollen with a quantity of natural honey, which should be added gradually, in order to obtain a coherent paste, and it should be noted that the amount of mixture depends on the size of the area to be applied, as this mixture is left on the skin for a period of not less than thirty minutes, and then wash the face with lukewarm water, and to get the best results, this mixture should be applied to the sk

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in three times a week.Pollen and egg mask: Mix a tablespoon of well pollen with a medium egg yolk, in addition to half a tablespoon of natural honey, where the mixture is applied to the face with a simple massage, and leave for thirty minutes before washing with warm water.The nutritional value of pollen grainsThe following table shows that the nutrients in 28 grams liked pollen: [4]Nutritional elementsCalories are 69 caloriesCarbohydrates 10.00 gramsProtein 4.50 gramsFat gramsFiber 1.4 gramsSugars 8.00 gramsIron 1.26 mgSodium 2 mgVitamin C 7.8 mgthe reviewerWas the item helpful?

4 The nutritional value of pollen grains

The benefits of pollen for the skin

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