The benefits of pomegranate for the skin

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The benefits of pomegranate for the skin – ” Contents1 pomegranate2 The benefits of pomegranate3 The benefits of pomegranate for the skin4 Pomegranate masks for the skin5 referencesPomegranateThe pomegranate is one of the fruits that will not be satisfied with the pleasure of its taste, but will benefit from its high nutritional value for health; it contains vitamins, fiber and minerals, and it is called the fruit of beauty; It contains estrogen and on several vitamins, including B6, C, E, in addition to iron and antioxidants, which help stimulate the production of collagen in the skin; To renew dead cells and resist the signs of aging, and pomegranate has many benefits because it contains small amounts of calories and great vitamins and minerals. [1]Benefits of pomegranatePomegranate has many benefits, including:[2]Painful stomach sores that are in the lining of the stomach or small intestine help to heal a cup a day of fresh pomegranate juice.It fits the blood sugar level, so it is considered one of the most common types of fruit, and doctors are advised to eat dry scales and their juice for sweet patients.Prevent heart attacks; Because it increases the rate of blood flow to and from the heart, and thus prevents a sudden

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blockage in the coronary arteries.Reduces cholesterol in the blood while maintaining good cholesterol.Treats anemia; where it maintains the activity of red blood cells, through which oxygen is transferred to the cells of the body.It protects against cancer and prevents its growth, development and spread, and slows down the growth of cancer cells in prostate cancer, by eating one cup of pomegranate juice daily.It treats all infections and joint pain, preventing enzymes leading to joint damage in patients with osteoporosis.Erectile dysfunction in men is treated by stimulating the nervous system which is important in the erection process.It boosts immunity in the body with its effective ability to fight viruses and bacteria that inhibit the activity of the body.Pomegranate juice is nutritious for the pregnant woman and her fetus, as it is one of the richest fruits with useful compounds and antioxidants; kalbassium, vitamin C, vitamin B and salts, and strives to protect the brain from damage caused by a lack of oxygen.Eating pomegranate juice helps delay the signs of aging and skin care, fight wrinkles and fine lines, due to its ability to produce collagen in the skin.Eat pomegranate a

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s a daily drink that reduces and protects hair from baldness.It protects the skin from sunburn and relieves skin damage due to constant exposure to harmful sunlight (ultraviolet radiation).Benefits of pomegranate for the skinOne of the most important benefits of pomegranate for the skin:[3]Freshness of the skin: Helps to keep the skin fresh; It is rich in vitamin C and many antioxidants, as their compounds prevent collagen from penetrating the skin, which works to replenish dead cells and treat dry skin.Skin brightening and acne treatment: helps increase blood circulation and repair damaged skin tissue; it treats skin pigmentation problems, acne and freckles, and works to lighten and even out the skin.Weight loss: Drinking sufficient amounts of pomegranate juice daily, or even eating it, helps burn body fat and contributes to the process of weight stabilization, and it has importance and effect in the form of outer layers from fatty acids such as Omega 5 moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss; It helps keep the skin fresh, soft and healthy.Resistance to aging: This fruit has a great ability to repair skin damage to provide soft skin and prolong the age of the cells that pa

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rticipate in collagen and elastin, thus maintaining the youth of the skin and reducing wrinkles.Prevention of sunlight: It is characterized by the abundant content of antibiotic materials necessary for the health of the skin such as zinc, potassium, in addition to calcium and folic acid, and these minerals not only add freshness to the skin; it also relieves sunburn and eliminates skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure, making a natural mask from the pomegranate skin.Treatment of skin infections: pomegranate seeds have tremendous therapeutic properties to improve skin healing and speed up the healing of wounds and skin infections; When pomegranate oil is placed on the affected area, ensures the healing of the wound and fights the infection.Useful pomegranate masks for the skinThere are many masks that can be made from pomegranate fruits, and these are masks:Skin brightening mask: consists of:A spoonful of pomegranate skin, specifically powder.A spoonful of crushed fenugreek.Small spoonful of salt.One tablespoon of ground lupine in addition to one spoon of honey.To treat pimples:Clean the skin well.Small a small cotton in pomegranate juice.Grease the face well, focusing on pimples

and inflamed areas.scrub:Grind suspended to pomegranate seeds until we get a thick paste.We make a massage for the body and leave it for 20 minutes, then we roll up the cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of pomegranate for the skin

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