The benefits of pomegranate oil for the skin

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The benefits of pomegranate oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Raman2 The benefits of marinish oil for the skinPomegranateعُرف الرُمّان Pomegranate مُنذ القِدم ويُعتقد أنّ إيران هيالموطن الأصليّ لهذه الفاكهة، وتُلقّب أحياناً بالتُّفّاح مُتعدّد البذور، يحتوي الرُمّان على كميّات كبيرة من الفيتامينات ومُضادّات الأكسدة ، وتحتوي على ثلاثة أضعاف ما يحتويه الشّاي الأخضر من البولي فينول بأنواعها الثّلاثة: التانينز Tannins، والأثوسينينزAthocyanins، وحمض الإيلاجيك Ellagic acid, many studies indicate that pomegranate helps support the immune system and blood circulation, controls the concentration of harmful cholesterol, preserves open arteries and thus reduces the possibility of artery synthesis, heart and brain strokes, and reduces the risk of cancer, reduces the risk of cancer. And the benefits of cosmetic pomegranate can be obtained through the use of the symbolic oil extracted from the seeds of this ritual.Benefits of marinish oil for the skinIt explains the most important benefits of pomegranate oil for the skin:Renewal of skin cells: it protects the outer layer of the skin, renews the skin cells in this layer and in the inner layer of the skin, which stimulates blood circulation and increases the speed of skin healing of wounds, repair

2 The benefits of marinish oil for the skin

ing tissue.Reduce the damage of violet rays on the skin: ruming contains compounds that reduce the damage to the skin from the sun and free radicals, and thus reduce the possibility of skin cancer and reduce the effect of sunburns resulting from sunlight.Anti-aging: RAMN oil reduces the possibility of signs of younger age progress such as wrinkles and luxury lines due to exposure to factors such as sunlight and others, and also reduces skin pigmentation.Increase the skin of the skin: Ramn oil gives the skin a soft texture and a tight appearance, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin of skin cells.Reduce dry skin: Ramn oil is one of the wonderful ingredients for skin care preparations, because it has a small molecular structure, which allows it to penetrate the depths of the skin, and it is suitable to be used for almost all dry types because of This special reduces prickly and irritated skin, and contains many substances that moisturize the skin and reduce moisture loss.Other benefits: reduce young love, skin cracks, scars, minor preparations and other problems to which oily and combination skin is exposed.Was the article useful?

The benefits of pomegranate oil for the skin

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