The benefits of rose oil for the face

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The benefits of rose oil for the face – ” Contents1 rose oil2 Benefits of rose oil for the face3 How to extract rose oil4 referencesRose oilIt is an aromatic oil extracted from the rose plant of the flowers [1] and it has an aromatic smell, and this oil is called rose oil, the uses of which abound, and its recipes are multiplied to highlight the beauty and attractiveness of the female, And it also helps to treat certain diseases such as high blood pressure and headaches, an effective treatment for digestive disorders, which is included in the combinations of some cough medicines, as it works in the elimination of germs, and is used as an oral perfume. [2 ]]Benefits of rose oil for the faceOf these benefits: [3]Rose oil has an effective effect in solving all skin problems, because it contains active compounds; This helps the skin.Increase the charm of the face of the face, it makes it smoother and healthy.It helps to get rid of dry skin which causes several factors; Like time and others, it also prevents the skin from skin and increases its moisture.Preventing sunlight, it has an effective effect on cooling the skin.It helps to treat skin infections and prevents acne.It maintains the youth of the skin, strives to tighten

2 benefits of rose oil for the face

the face, fight flabby, wrinkles and signs of aging.It works to purify the skin, its radiance and freshness.It works to renew skin tissue, as it contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant.How to extract rose oilRose oil is extracted in the following way:[2]The flowers are harvested directly at sunrise; Because the flower is acquired at this time, a higher percentage of liquid and its smell is stronger.The flowers are cut into small parts or cut into small pieces.We put an appropriate quantitative bowl of vegetable oil.We put chopped flowers on vegetable oil.Put on low heat.We prefer the flowers to oil with a strainer and a bowl.We put the oil itself another amount of chopped flowers and put them again on low heat.We separate the flowers from the oil in the filter in the same way.The oil is filled in a bottle, and it can be used for the face, hair and all parts of the body.ReferenceWas the article useful?

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The benefits of rose oil for the face

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