The benefits of sage for the skin

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The benefits of sage for the skin – ” Contents1 sage2 The benefits of sage for the skin3 The benefits of sage for the hair4 General benefits of sagebrub5 Sage damage6 referencesMaryamiyaMaryamiya is a plant or herb belonging to the oral family (mint) next to other herbs such as lavender, rosemary and basil, which is an evergreen bush and aged, its leaves are medium-sized and gray, and its small wooden legs, and Its scientific name derives from the Latin word (balm), which means to stay healthy; Therefore, Sage is known for its great health benefits and its strong aromatic smell, and it is known to many peoples because of its important medical values, so it is included in the manufacture of many types of therapeutic and cosmetic products, and this also makes it a legendary herb. [1]Benefits of sage for the skinMany people resort to the use of natural recipes to get a beautiful innocence and get rid of skin problems, because they are more effective and do not contain side effects when using them; Wise is one of the herbs that benefit the skin, and sage enters many recipes, including:Aging is delayedSermery stimulates blood circulation in the body, stimulates the cells to regenerate, because it is characterized by its r

2 The benefits of sage for the skin

ichness with vitamin A, and calcium metal that helps regenerate the cells, and anti-oxidants that are damage caused by free radicals in the body, and therefore this reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and other signs of aging, and make it younger. [2]The skin gives freshness and serenityAntioxidants in the sage help renew the skin cells and fight impurities, and this is reflected in the freshness of the skin, continuing to drink boiled sage. [3]It purifies the skin of grainsThe nickname helps to purify the skin, especially from acne; Indeed, it is anti-inflammatory and fungi that causes acne. [4]Cellulite lines are treatedWhen you arrange the sage drink, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and the body cells are constantly regenerated, which helps to alleviate cellulite lines, and perseverance in body fat with sage oil is very beneficial to relieve these lines . [3]Benefits of sage for hairSayroita rejuvenates the cells of the scalp, and rid them of dandruff, by adding two green sage leaves to a quarter cup of boiling water, letting it cool, then wash the scalp with and repeat the recipe once a week until the result is achieved. [5]The benefits of the public sageSayrope has gr

3 The benefits of sage for hair

eat health benefits, due to its therapeutic properties; It contains many chemical compounds; It contains volatile oils, vitamins and minerals that help prevent and treat certain diseases and provide natural prevention of the body from diseases [6]; Where the seam contains large amounts of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and antioxidants, and all of these provide many health benefits. [3] Health benefits can be mentioned:It is used to treat digestive problems and disorders, which include: loss of appetite and gas (flatulence), stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea and heartburn. [4]It improves mood and calms the nerves, [4]Menstrual symptoms and menstrual disorders reduce; It reduces the resulting abdominal pain by stimulating blood circulation in the body, as it reduces hot flames during menopause. [4]Gingle diseases (gingivitis) are treated, oral inflammation, throat or tongue. [4]Respiratory system problems such as asthma and self-injury are treated. [4]It eliminates bad breath.Maintains blood sugar level, protects against diabetes and blood pressure. [7]Damage to mugwortAlthough sage contains the essential elements of the body, it is not recommended to be consumed by infants and nurs

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ing mothers, and pregnant women; Indeed, it stimulates the increase of the hormone estrogen, which in turn reduces the secretion of milk, and can cause a miscarriage, and it should also be alerted not to take any of the sage supplements present in pharmacies or when both perfumers without consulting a doctor, and you should avoid taking it in patients with high blood pressure and those who suffer from nervous cramps; Because it contains a substance that leads to symptoms similar to those that occur in nervous breakdowns or fits. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of sage for the skin

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