The benefits of shea butter and how to use it

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The benefits of shea butter and how to use it – ” Contents1 shea butter2 benefits of shea butter3 How to use shea butterShea butterShea butter is a substance derived from the fruit of the African shea tree or the extract of its fruit, and it is a fruit that resembles in its outer form the fruit of walnut, and the butter is prepared from this fruit in a way that facilitates its later use in the products of industry, skin and hair; Because it contains vitamin A, vitamin E and many fatty acids, which are necessary to preserve the beauty of the skin and moisturize it, and to give hair with vitality and health, and in this article, we will mention its benefits and how it is used.The benefits of shea butterskinExcellent hydration of the skin, as well as maintaining its natural flexibility, as a moisturizer can be made, by mixing shea butter with other oils.Protect the skin from wrinkles.Smooth rough areas of the body, such as: elbows and knees.Get rid of scars and acne, as well as dark pigmentation in the skin resulting from acne.Treat the effects of sunburn, stretch marks on the skin, as well as treating skin infections and eczema.Renewal of skin cells.The possibility of using it before using the body scrub for the body.Use a lipstic

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k.The hairTreat the problems of bombing and drying; For it contains vitamin A and vitamin E responsible for the restoration of hair, treatment and moisture.Increase the length of the hair.Give hair smoothness and shine, which facilitates its discharge, especially coarse or curly hair.General benefits of shea butterRaw shea butter is used, without industrial additions, as a substitute for cocoa butter in making chocolate, in addition to entering the manufacture of some types of oils and medicines, and can also be used to prepare a household chocolate mixture, or when preparing the manufacturer and the cookie at home.How to use shea butterRecipe for hairThe hair is well massaged with raw shea butter, in addition to massaging the scalp with it, and it is left for a period of at least thirty minutes, and this method can be repeated once a week, and the effective effect of shea butter Can be observed on the hair, in just a few days, in terms of increasing the length and softness of the hair.Body recipeGrease the body with chia butter after performing a hot water bath.Smash can be used at a relatively close distance, on the areas where the shea is placed, to open the pores of the skin.Ma

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ssage after applying the butter on the body ten minutes.Consider the massage in the form of circles, from right to left.Repeat the process for ten or two weeks, without adopting its application daily, noting that this method can reduce the appearance of cellulite or spots that require a period ranging from three to six months continuous.A recipe for the face and neckStart using it on the face and neck, taking into account that they are free of dirt and cosmetics.Clean the face with a clean piece of cotton, moistened with warm water, then gently clean the face, while avoiding scratching the skin.Put the shea butter between the palm of the hand until it melts, then the face is applied to it, from bottom to top with a nice massage, while the area under the eye, it is massaged or applied with butter from the outside to the inside and wait until the skin is absorbed.It is best to apply butter on the face and neck before going to bed, or half an hour before leaving the house.Was the article useful?

The benefits of shea butter and how to use it

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