The benefits of shea butter for dry skin

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The benefits of shea butter for dry skin – “Contents1 Shea butter2 The benefits of shea butter for dry skin3 Shea butter recipes for dry skin4 Benefits of shea butter for facial skin5 How to use shea butter for the face6 General benefits of shea butter7 ReferencesShea butterShea butter is known as the fat extracted from chia oil, where the shea tree grows in tropical East and West Africa, and shea butter is obtained by taking two oily pipes from the chia seeds, so that the kernel is removed from them, grinding them into a soft powder, then boiling the powder. In water, where the butter rises to the top of the water, it becomes solid, and shea butter is used to treat many different problems that affect the body and The skin, including: the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis and other uses that will talk about in more detail in this article. [1]Benefits of shea butter for dry skinShea butter is an effective moisturizer on the skin; In fact, it contains a high level of fat responsible for moisturizing properties, where moisture is fixed in the skin, and it is maintained for a long time, and shea butter also helps soften the skin of the hands and feet, and leaves them soft ; This is due to its ability to easily pen

2 The benefits of shea butter for dry skin

etrate the skin, and without causing pores, in addition to being an effective moisturizer on dry skin, it is also used for cracked heels and rough patches on the skin, especially in winter. [2 ]]Shea butter recipes for dry skinWe can apply useful shea butter recipes for skin, including the following: [2]Chia Wash to moisturize the skinShea butter is used with other natural oils, to make a moisturizing lotion for the skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:One cup of raw shea butter.Half a cup of virgin coconut oil.Half a cup of almond to prepare:Melt the butter and coconut oil in a double kettle.Stir ingredients together for a few minutes and set aside to cool.Add the almond oil and mix the ingredients again.The mixture is placed in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.The mixture is removed from the refrigerator and blended with a hand rake to a creamy consistency.The mixture is kept in a tightly closed tray.It is used as needed to moisturize the skin.Shea Butter to moisturize the lipsShea butter is used to moisturize the lips, and the method is:[2]ingredients:Two tablespoons of raw shea butter.1 tablespoon of beeswax.One tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.Six or seven drops

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of lavender oil.Six or seven drops of mint to prepare:The solid ingredients are dissolved in a double kettle and reserved to cool.The essential oils are added to the previous mixture.The mixture is placed in small cans.Set aside to adjust ingredients.It is used once or twice a day on the lips.Benefits of shea butter for facial skinThe benefits offered by shea butter are multiple facial skin, and from these following benefits: [3]Anti-inflammatory and healing propertiesShea butter helps to calm the swelling and redness shown on the skin of the face, applying it directly to the skin, where the concentration of fatty acids and vitamin K helps to improve its ability to recover and facilitate their penetration of the skin layers . [3]LeatherThe installation of shea butter helps its semi-solid characteristics to create a sufficient moisture barrier on the skin and is characterized by its need for several hours to absorb it through the skin, which means that it remains longer, unlike other moisturizers that facilitate its absorption, as it is characterized by its metabolism to dissolve on the skin at room temperature. [3]Anti-agingShea butter contains high levels of oleic, linoli

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c and steroid acids; Which is one of the oxidative stress resistant acids resulting from the skin, which is in the form of environmental toxins on the skin cells, to help them get a healthy cycle to produce new cells, so it supports the structure of the skin, and helps to tighten it, and vitamin E in shea butter helps to protect the skin from the UV sun. [3]How to use shea butter for the faceThere are many creams, and products that contain in their components are shea butter, which can be obtained in stores, which stand out as one of the easiest ways to enjoy shea butter for the skin, where it is applied directly on it, and it is also advisable to make it one of the routine habits followed for care in the skin, with many natural recipes that depend on the manufacture of shea butter, and these recipes are the following: [3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of raw honey.Three or four drops of grape seed oil.1 tablespoon of raw shea to prepare:Wash facial skin with a creamy cleanser or warm water.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the facial skin, and it is left on for 10-12.Wash the face with warm water and dry with a soft towel.Note: It is recommended to avoid expos

ing the face to steam before applying this recipe on it; This is because steam opens the pores, facilitates the penetration of the skin and retention of the butter inside.General benefits of shea butterShea butter offers many different benefits to the human body, including the following: [2]Muscle pain relief: shea butter is used to relieve muscle pain resulting from inflammation at the injured site; Due to overexertion or muscle disease, it is noted that it improves swelling and pain in people with injuries.Reduce cholesterol: Edible shea butter can be added to food; In order to reduce cholesterol in the blood, it is rich in semicarboxylic acid; This is a saturated fatty acid, which reduces the levels of protein fat and cholesterol in the plasma.Reduce diarrhea: There is a study that proves the benefits of adding shea butter to food products that are ready to reduce diarrhea, with an increased demand from people who suffer from it.Wound healing: the moisturizing properties available in shea butter help treat and heal wounds; in fact, it is easily absorbed by the skin layers, to give the skin the basic fat it needs and improve its cells.Protect the skin from UV rays: because it con

tains cinematographic acid, which is one of the important compounds to protect the skin from UV rays, and it is not recommended to use shea butter alone as a sunscreen; It is considered insufficient to protect against harmful sunlight, and it is better to use it after sun exposure, for its ability to calm the skin and reduce oxidation resulting from the sun.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of shea butter for dry skin

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