The benefits of sour for the body

1 Resistance to diseases

The benefits of sour for the body – “Contents1 Disease resistance2 Preventing blood clotting3 Prevention of colds4 Stomach repair treatment5 referencesresistance to diseaseLemon contains many different elements and several vitamins that benefit the resistance and prevention of various diseases, as lemon contains vitamin C, which works to resist germs, and vitamin A, which works to strengthen the cells in addition to strengthening the sense of vision as it is considered An important vitamin for the freshness of the skin, vitamin. B which is useful in treating various nerve infections, vitamin J, which is considered one of the aging resistant vitamins in aging, calcium which works to strengthen the bones and niacin which works to strengthen the heart and prevents plagra.[1]Blood clottingOne of the benefits that lemon in the body is to prevent blood clotting with citric acid and proapole substance that contribute to it, and they also stimulate the movement of blood naturally in the different veins and veins of the human body. [2]Prevention of coldsOne of the benefits that lemon affects the body is the prevention of different colds; It contains vitamin C that contributes to it, as lemon is considered as a strong and natu

2 Prevent blood clotting

ral anti-oxidant that strives to strengthen the teeth, bones and human immune system. [2]Treat the stomachLemon can help treat stomach ailments of all kinds; It is by achieving a balance in the pH level in the body and the equivalent of the acid level with the basic level in the digestive system, and the potassium in lemon helps, and lemon also helps to relieve the pain caused by esophageal and thoracic inflammation, and reduces the infections that cause pain in the digestive system, because lemon also contains a small amount of sugar and a large amount of alkali; Which helps to boost the alkaline effects. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Prevention of colds

4 stomach remedial treatment

The benefits of sour for the body

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