The benefits of soy milk for the skin

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The benefits of soy milk for the skin – “Contents1 soy milk2 benefits of soy milk for the skin3 nutrients in soy milk4 The appropriate amount is consumed daily from soy milk5 warnings eat soy milk6 Soy milk and risk of breast cancer7 Video of the benefits of soy milk8 referencesSoy milkThis is a 100% vegetarian product where soy milk is extracted from soybeans, as it is considered one of the important vegetable alternatives to animal milk. [1] Soy milk has many benefits on the skin and hair in general because it contains a large amount of protein, in addition to its lack of lactose, it contains a small amount of saturated fat and carbohydrates, and soy milk contains vitamin B12, and many minerals such as calcium and vitamins, which makes it essential for proper nutrition and protection against heart disease . [1]Benefits of soy milk for the skinSoy milk can be prepared at home, which is especially useful for the skin, and below is a set of benefits of this milk and its effect on the skin. [2]It activates the skin cells and helps to nourish and give them strength and radiance.It moisturizes the skin, increases the elasticity of its tissues; indeed, it contains a specialized protein called collagen.It reduces the appearanc

2 benefits of soy milk for the skin

e of wrinkles and fine lines, especially when a woman reaches menopause, because the percentage of collagen secretion is lower than the normal level, so soy milk helps to raise it in the body in general, and it can be used for the face in particular by soaking a cotton ball with milk, then wiping the face with it and leaving it on the skin for 15 minutes, and then washing the face with cold water, and this method helps soy milk to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; It makes the skin soft and younger.It protects the skin from ultraviolet sunlight, which reduces the occurrence of skin cancer.It reduces the appearance of acne.It purifies the skin of impurities and gives it serenity and vitality.Renews skin cells.NutrientsSoy milk contains a number of nutrients that are beneficial to the body, as it is cholesterol free; this helps people with high cholesterol to eat as a substitute for cow’s milk. [1] The following table shows the nutrients in 100 ml of soy milk: [3]The nutritional component of the unit of value (per 100 ml)Gram Water 88.05Energy kilo calary 54Protein Grams 3.27Grams of fatCarbohydrate Grams 6.28Grams of dietary fiber 0.6Total Diabetes Grams 3.99Calcium Melomon 25Iron

3 nutrients in soy milk

0.64Magnesium Melodyx 25PhosphorusPotassium is 118Sodium Melomon 51Zinc is 0.12Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0.060Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.069Vitamin B3 (NIAGIN) 0.513Vitamin B6 mg 0.077Microscar 18 folateVitamin A International Unit 3Vitamin E (alpha-tokovirol) 0.11Vitamin K (phylloquinone) microgram 3Satisfied fat 0.205Melomon Cholesterol 0Melomon caffeine 0The appropriate amount is consumed daily from soy milkThe importance of soy is that it contains Isoflavones, which are chemical compounds similar to the estrogen hormone found in the human body, where the appropriate dose is determined by knowing the amount contained in each of the materials Icevon, for example , a gram of soy clothing contains on the veins of soy on 1.3 mg of ice, while a gram of soy sauce contains 0.016 mg of the same substance, and soy milk contains 0.4 mg of ice per gram. [4] [5] And based on a number of scientific studies, the appropriate amount of soy milk is daily for each of: [5]Cholesterol patients: It is best to eat between 20 and 50 g so soybeans per day.Sugar patients: After menopause, women who suffer from blood sugar should eat 30 g of switi milk for a period not exceeding three months.Warners eat soy m

4 The appropriate amount is eaten daily from soy milk

ilkEating soy milk is safe for many people, except that the large number of eating for more than 6 months can cause the growth of non-normal tissue in the uterus in women, in addition to side effects such as constipation, a feeling of The blowing, nausea and soy milk can cause a number of symptoms, especially those who suffer from kidney disease and uterine cancer, and we mention some damage that may affect a number of groups due to excessive consumption of soy milk: [5 ]]Pregnant and lactating women: eating high doses can affect the development and growth of the fetus, so it is advisable to adhere to the amount allowed to take soy milk during pregnancy and lactation periods.Children: You should pay attention to not using soy milk that is not intended for infants as an alternative to infant milk, as this can lead to a lack of nutrients.Kidney failure patients: eating large amounts of soy milk can lead to a high percentage of phytoestrogens in the blood, resulting in poisoning.Soy milk and risk of breast cancerBreast cancer is one of the most infected women, because it depends on a set of factors, according to one of the studies conducted in Shanghai on more than 70,000 Chinese wome

n between forty and seventy, showing soy can reduce the risk of infection Breast cancer, in addition to delay the onset of symptoms in women who had breast cancer during the study period. [6]Video of the benefits of soy milkThis is one of the products made from soybeans, prepared by soaking dried soybeans in water and then grinding them. Do you know what the benefits of soy milk are? :the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The benefits of soy milk for the skin

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