The benefits of tahini for the face

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The benefits of tahini for the face – ” Contents1 Tahini2 Nutrients contained in Tahini3 The benefits of tahini for the skin4 Method to make tahini at home5 Tahini masks for the skin6 The benefits of tahini for the health of the body7 Damages of eating tahini8 referencesTahinaTahina is one of the most famous materials that are added to some foods, as it is used to prepare many foods, such as the preparation of almonds, gestures, gnuga, puppets, berlines, eggplant and other foods, sauce, spices, and even Arabic and Glood candy. [1] The roasts and flatterers, and in addition to its good taste, it is characterized by its healthy and multiple benefits of the skin and other benefits of the general health of the body because it contains many important and useful nutrients for the human body as protein, phosphorus, iron, etc. [2]Nutrients contained in tahiniTahini contains multiple nutritional elements that the human body needs, as contains each tablespoon of Tahini:[2]178 calories16 grams of fat6 grams of carbohydrates5 grams of protein24% magnesium22% phosphorus14% iron12% calcium30% thiamineBenefits of Tahini for the skinThere are many incredible benefits of Tahini on the skin, including:Brightening and whitening dark skin

2 The nutrients contained in tahini

. [3]Get rid of sun spots at home. [4]Hydrating skin. [4]Reduce the appearance of aging signs, as they contain fiber, minerals and vitamin E. [5]Break up the groove. [6]Purify and freshen the skin, simply wipe the face with tahini with a cotton ball while moving away from the area around the eyes and after fifteen minutes, rinse the face with warm water. [6]Treatment of melasma, which is a bell that appears in the skin due to the increase of melanin material in the skin. [7]The sunscreen industry and some preparations for skin care and moisture. [8]The method of making tahini at homeIt is not difficult to prepare tahini at home, and preparing it will not require a good time or excellent effort, but on the contrary, and this is the way to make tahini: [1]Ingredients:One cup roasted.Half a cup of flour.Half a cup of corn oil.A quarter teaspoon of to prepare:After purifying the poison from impurities, it is placed in the pan and was lightly roasted with continuous turning over medium heat for two minutes.Swimming in the mill is crushed to become very soft.Add the flour to the crushed poem in a bowl with a stirring, then put the mixer with the addition of oil and salt getting

3 The benefits of tahini for the skin

a diploma and mix them for 3 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous.The mixture is placed in two glass salaries to be ready for use.Game entirely for the skinThese are some of the natural masks of Tahini, which are useful for skin care and solving some of their problems:Check the mask and rose waterThis mask is useful for whitening and brightening the skin. [3]Ingredients:1 tablespoon of Tahini.1 tablespoon of rose water.1 tablespoon of milk.1 tablespoon of starch.5 drops of lemon juice.5 drops of almond to prepare:Add the starch, rose water, almond oil and lemon to the tahini in a glass bowl and mix the ingredients well.Then add the milk as a graduate.Then apply the face with the training mixture, and leave it for 10 minutes, rinsed with warm water, then cold.Finally, the appropriate moisturizer is placed.Turmeric mask and turmericWith this repeated mask, the flash, moisture in the skin, get rid of impurities, pimples and sun treatment. [4]ingredients:2 teaspoons.2 tablespoons of milk.2 to prepare:The ingredients are well mixed, apply to the face and leave for 20 minutes, then wash with water.Tahina and bitter herbThis mask works to plump up the grooves.

4 method of making tahini at home

[6]ingredients:One amount of tahini.Another amount of bitter to prepare:Soak the amount of bitter herbs in water, then add a tahini larger than the larger soaked herb.The ingredients are mixed well and applied to the face for fifteen minutes, then wash the face with warm water.Tahina, honey and lemonThis mixture is also for brightening and whitening the skin. [9]Ingredients:One teaspoon of Tahini.One teaspoon of starch.One teaspoon of honey.2 tablespoons of lemon juice.3 tablespoons of milk.3 tablespoons of to prepare:Mix the ingredients together, apply the face with the mixture, leave for 20 minutes and wash with warm water.Tahina, potatoes and milk al -zubadiPotatoes are considered cleansing and moisturizing for sensitive skin and are also useful for tightening the skin, in addition to treating idiots. [7]ingredients:2 tablespoons of Tahini.2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes.2 tablespoons of yogurt.3 tablespoons of flour.3 drops of lemon juice.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients in the blender, then apply the skin with the mixture and leave for 5 minutes, then wash the face and repeat once a week.Benefits of tahini for body healthTahina treats many diseases that a

ffect a person, and these are the most important benefits:Treat a problem with the sound of a virus or a disease of chest diseases or influence some of the substances that irritate the throat, so eat a tablespoon of tahini and gargle with it and swallow it is the best treatment for the sound of the sound. [10 ]]Treat the lip problem and hydration. [11]Reduce high blood pressure. [11]Prevent the body from osteoporosis and build it, because it contains magnesium and calcium which is important for bone health. [11] [12]Prevent blood poverty (anemia), because it contains a high percentage of iron. [11]Treating gum infections. [1]Get rid of toxins accumulated in the liver area. [1]Treatment for sore throat, it removes phlegm and treats infections. [1]It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and what follows is the level of stroke and heart disease. [2]Treatment of arthritis, a study published in the (International Journal of Rheumatology) was recorded that eating 40 grams of serial head powder or the equivalent of two tablespoons of tahini reduces joint pain, especially knee joints. [2]Strengthen the brain and memory, due to its richness in omega -3 and omega -6 known for their

benefit in the development and strengthening of the memory and brain and also slowed down Alzheimer’s disease. [13].Support the immune system because it contains iron, zinc, selenium and copper, as these elements according to which the immune system of the human body must do its functions naturally. [13]Eliminate the problem of thinness. [14]Damages of eating tahiniThese are damages caused by sesame seeds, and they are the main component of Tahini:[15][16]Occurrence of colon problems: Since Tahini, its main component is poison, research has revealed that eating more than 15 ng of sesame per day irritates the colon.Diarrhea: Eating tahini causes diarrhea due to its sacrifice.Skin occurrence of the skin: despite its benefits on the skin, it can have negative effects, such as redness in the skin and appearance of the skin.Abortion: eating tahini during the early stages of pregnancy sometimes exposes a pregnant woman to miscarriage.Note: These negatives do not mean not to eat tahini in any way, but rather to eat them in appropriate amounts or to reduce them in case of previous or other damage.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The benefits of tahini for the face

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