The benefits of the Sudanese body for the body

1 Sudanese body for the body

The benefits of the Sudanese body for the body – ” Contents1 Sudanese body for the body2 The benefits of the Sudanese body for the body3 types of Sudanese bodyThe Sudanese body for the bodyThe woman is interested in all the details related to her beauty, so she is always looking for ways to help brighten the skin, for example, and keep it fresh and beautiful. Many parts of the Arab world, where their advantage makes do not depend on the lightning, but rather is due to many benefits on the body, and it is this that we will talk about in detail in detail.The benefits of the Sudanese body for the bodyGet rid of the layers of dead skin.It opens and unifies the complexion, and gains softness and freshness to it.It delays the appearance of hair in different areas of the body.It gives the body a beautiful pink color.Tighten the body and make it beautiful and attractive.It increases the smoothness of the body surface.The dark areas are open, as well as sensitive in the body.Types of Sudanese dictationIt includes many species, the most important:Corn flouringredients:A quantity of corn meal or millet.Sandhlia.A perfume known as Sudanese girl.In addition to the French perfume of Jalamur.Duke of MahlabWith the previous components, in additi

2 The benefits of the Sudanese body for the body

on to a quantity of tangerine and lemon juice, and the method of preparation in each of them is as follows:Shower with warm water and dry the body well.Bring the paste once it is equipped by mixing all the ingredients together and put it on the palm of the hand with a little water.Rub the body using circular motions to stimulate blood circulation.Leave it on the body until it dries and falls apart; all the dead skin cells are removed.Rinse the body well with water and moisturize it.OrangeThis can be done in two ways, as follows:The first method: it is by bringing a quantity of orange peels, rose water and almond oil, so that the peels are cut and dry and crushed with the help of the electric mill, and three tablespoons of the mixture are taken and kneaded with the help of rose water , then put a quantity of the resulting paste on the face and body, then leave for fifteen minutes, then wash the body, dry and moisturize.As for the second method: it includes the use of an orange with its scales, and banana with its scales, in addition to half a lemon with its skin, so all the previous fruits are cut, and it is placed in the electric Mixer with a quarter cup of water and mixed well, th

3 Types of Sudanese Duke

en put a quarter cup of water with a quarter of white flour or brown inside a bowl, Knead well to form a liquid dough and put the fire for a period of period of It is time to stir for, and after removing it from the heat, add the fruit mixture to it, and knead all the ingredients together to become a soft and smooth texture, and finally cover the whole body using, and leave it for ten minutes, and Then, using drops of olive oil, it is rubbed to let the body fall little by little.Was the article useful?

The benefits of the Sudanese body for the body

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