The benefits of thyme oil for the skin

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The benefits of thyme oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Thyme oil2 The benefits of thyme oil for the skin3 Benefits of thyme oil for the hair4 referencesThymeThyme oil is one of the essential oils that people use widely; Because it contains many medical elements and characteristics treated, and it is extracted from the mocking vapor inspired from the thyme plant, which is widely distributed in the Mediterranean region, European and Asian countries, and it has a clean and strong smell , and it contains two main cabinets, cardagul and theme, which are compounds that help to eliminate harmful microorganisms that help to treat many diseases. [1]The benefits of thyme oil for the skinSeveral American studies have shown that thyme oil contains a number of benefits for the health of the skin and hair in particular, but care should be taken to use it in moderate amounts, so it can increase it to the appearance of a rash or irritation in the skin, But for pregnant women, they should stay away from it at all times; The fact that it works to flow double blood in the uterus, which can lead to early birth, or miscarriage, and thyme oil has several benefits, including: [2]Thyme oil contains many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are

2 The benefits of thyme oil for the skin

beneficial to the skin, as it helps purify the blood, as well as to treat skin infections, itching and irritation.It contains many anti-bacterial properties, as it eliminates the germs that cause skin infections, massaging the affected area.Protect the foot by massaging it constantly or by applying a drop of thyme oil in a cup of warm water and socks.The skin is brighter and fresher, and fights the signs of aging and aging, and protects against the appearance of wrinkles, lines and dark spots that appear on the face, by regularly eating two capsules of thyme oil.It helps treat acne, psoriasis and fungus that appear on the skin and strengthens the nails.It helps to treat skin tissue, by applying it with a quantity of coconut oil and massaging the affected area.Benefits of thyme oil for hairOne of the benefits of thyme oil for hair is the following: [3]Having a huge ability to treat dandruff that many people suffer from, in a very short time.Strengthen the hair follicles and increase their growth.Treat the problems of weak hair, reduce its fall and scratch, and give it more luster and shine.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 The benefits of thyme oil for hair

The benefits of thyme oil for the skin

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