The benefits of turmeric for the body with Vaseline

1 Turmeric and Vaseline

The benefits of turmeric for the body with Vaseline – “Contents1 Turmeric and Vaseline2 The benefits of turmeric for the body with Vaseline3 Ways to prepare turmeric and Vaseline for the body4 other recipes for the skin with turmericTurmeric and VaselineTurmeric is a type of spice added to different foods, as it can be used as a type of dye, as it adds the yellow-brown color to foods, the uses of turmeric are not limited to cooking, as it also enters the preparation of natural recipes for the skin.Vaseline is an oil material, and its main function is moisturizing and treating the slices of the body, and turmeric and oil jelly can be used for their benefits on the skin.The benefits of turmeric for the body with petroleum jellyThe following points show some of the benefits of using mixtures containing turmeric and petroleum jelly on the body:It helps in brightening the skin color of the body.It helps in unifying the color of the skin, so that it gets rid of dark spots in the knee or elbow.It can help fade freckles and costs.It moisturizes the skin and increases its smoothness.It helps reduce the possibility of skin infections.Ways to prepare Turmeric and Vaseline for the bodyWhile some recipes contain turmeric and petroleum jelly for th

2 The benefits of turmeric for the body with Vaseline

e skin:Turmeric and VaselineMix an appropriate amount of turmeric with an equal amount of petroleum jelly.Place the mixture on the face as a light layer at night and leave it on in the morning.Wash the face with dry skin.F in a piece of cotton by tunic, then pass it over the face.Apply a special moisturizer on the skin.Turmeric and Vaseline with olive oilMix two tablespoons of turmeric with a similar Vaseline and three to four tablespoons of olive oil.Put the mixture on the face, neck and dark areas of the body.Leave the mixture on for one to four hours.Wash the mixture off with bay soap, or warm water and sidr.Note: it is best to use turmeric, not eat, because it is easy to remove from the body, and the skin is not dyed yellow.Turmeric and Vaseline using heatPut ten tablespoons of petroleum jelly in a bowl at a calm temperature until it comes off, then remove from heat.Add two teaspoons of turmeric, then move the mixture well until smooth.Place the mixture on the dark places of the body and wash it off the next morning.Other recipes for skin using turmericWhile some recipes for the skin come in which turmeric is used:Getting rid of pimples and dark spotsMix an appropriate amount o

3 ways to prepare turmeric and vaseline for the body

f turmeric with water until a paste forms.Mix a tablespoon of honey with the previous paste.Put the mixture on the skin for fifteen minutes.To lighten the skinPut an appropriate amount of chickpeas, turmeric, lemon juice and milk in a bowl and mix the ingredients well until a paste forms.Place the mixture all over the face, then rub the face with nice circular motions for five minutes.Leave the mask on until it dries for twenty minutes.Facial with warm water.To eliminate wrinkles, blemishes and young loveMix an appropriate amount of turmeric with chickpeas until a paste forms.Put the mask on the whole face for fifteen minutes.Wash the face with warm water.Was the article useful?

4 other recipes for the skin using turmeric

The benefits of turmeric for the body with Vaseline

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