The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body

1 Turmeric and Vaseline

The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body – “Contents1 Turmeric and petroleum jelly2 The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body3 Recipes for turmeric with petroleum jelly4 The benefits of turmeric and petroleum jelly for the body skin5 referencesTurmeric and petroleum jellyTurmeric is a type of spice with a yellow or orange color and is similar to the form of ginger and has been used hundreds of years ago as a substance with treatment properties and cosmetic benefits, and it is available in perfume stores such as spices or in nutrition Supplements, and it is also used in the manufacture of beauty products and medicine, and turmeric has many benefits, as it contains vibrant curcumin, which is characterized by its anti-oxidant and inflammatory properties, and on the other hand, petroleum jelly is known as The Petroleum Gel, and it has many uses at home, and in the skin care routine, and in this article, we will mention the benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body. [1] [2]Benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the bodyThe mixture of turmeric with petroleum jelly is useful for the body and skin in many ways, and a contribution to the preservation of its beauty and radiance, and we mention the

2 The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body

benefits of this mixture the following: [3]It evens out the skin color by treating dark circles and spots.It works as a peeling and obsessive skin by getting rid of dead skin cells.It opens the skin and increases its radiance.Turmeric recipes with VaselineIt should be noted that turmeric used in cooking may not be suitable for the preparation of skin recipes, so it is best to ensure that the type of turmeric used is dedicated to the skin, [3] there are many recipes that are prepared from the mixture of turmeric and petroleum jelly and we mention the following:A recipe to unify the complexion: this easy recipe can be prepared as follows: [3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of ground turmeric.Two tablespoons of petroleum jelly.Two tablespoons of olive to prepare:All ingredients are mixed until homogeneous.The mixture is placed on the skin and left for 15 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water and soap.A recipe to get rid of unwanted hair: this recipe is eliminated effectively and efficiently and with simple steps, and it can be used on all parts of the body on which hair grows, including the face, and the method is:[4]ingredients:Half a tablespoon of ground turmeric.Half a te

3 turmeric recipes with petroleum jelly

aspoon of petroleum jelly.One tablespoon of ground bees (gram flour).Three tablespoons of powdered milk.How to prepare:Add the chopped chickpeas, turmeric powder and milk to the mixing bowl and mix well.Add half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and mix as well.The paste is placed on the skin with the direction of hair growth.Leave the mixture on the skin to dry completely.The mixture is removed from the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.Wash the skin with warm water and moisturize.The recipe is repeated daily.Benefits of turmeric and petroleum jelly for the body skinBenefits of turmeric for the body skinTurmeric has many benefits for the skin, and we mention:[2][5]The freshness of the body skin increases: because turmeric contains antioxidants and infections, which increases the glow, luster and freshness of the natural skin.Wounds are treated: thanks to the curcumin in turmeric, which greatly accelerates the healing of wounds; By reducing infections and preventing oxidation, turmeric also reduces the body’s reaction to wounds, which leads to its healing more quickly, and studies have shown that turmeric affects the positive collagen and thus improves skin tissue.Reduces p

4 The benefits of turmeric and vaseline for body skin

soriasis: Turmeric helps treat psoriasis by reducing irritation, redness and relieving other symptoms due to its antioxidants and infections, and it is advisable to consult a specialist before using it.Acne scars are treated: due to the turmeric containing anti-inflammatories that calms the skin and pores, and prevents the formation of acne, and the resulting scars, and it can be used to treat acne by preparing a turmeric mask for the face.It protects the skin from harmful sunlight: Turmeric has the ability to protect itself from UV rays and keep the skin elastic by preventing wrinkles and lightening dark spots.It delays the appearance of signs of aging: thanks to the anti-oxidant turmeric properties, which protect against harmful free radical damage to the skin; Therefore, it delays the appearance of signs of aging, such as: wrinkles, fine lines and melasma, and turmeric contains curcumin, which in turn improves skin health and not only reduce age-related symptoms, and turmeric can be Taken by oral nutritional supplements, but after consulting a doctor or by objective creams.Eczema is treated: kill curcumin, which is the active substance in turmeric, i.e. the bacteria that can cau

se eczema to the skin; Because of its antimicrobial nature, it also treats inflammation and eliminates itching.Benefits of Vaseline for the body skinThere are many ways to use petroleum jelly in the skin care routine, while a mention of the aesthetic benefits of petroleum jelly body: [1] [6]Skin is applied: petroleum jelly can be used as a treatment for dry skin, especially during the winter season, because it protects the skin in weather conditions, while petroleum jelly is not considered moisturizing itself, but it is used to soften the skin; Its ability to save moisture by forming an insulating layer of skin, and petroleum jelly is placed on various areas of the body such as elbows, knees and feet cracking to get rid of the appearance of curly, dry skin.It is placed after shaving: so that petroleum jelly is used to soothe and soften the clean skin after shaving.It is applied around the eyes to give a bright and radiant appearance: petroleum jelly can be used to highlight the natural beauty of the eyes by putting it alone or with makeup, and it should be careful during its position; To avoid petroleum jelly in the eyes, this is considered a safe product.Mix with eye shadow powder

: to make the colors new and more consistent when applying and does not disperse on the face, and petroleum jelly shows a shiny effect on the skin when applied as a base for eye shadow.It is used to calm the eyebrows and lashes: combing the eyebrows with a small amount of petroleum jelly until they look quiet and not voluntarily, and it can also be placed on lashes to increase their shine and luster.Lips are moisturized: cracked lips can be eliminated, especially in winter, by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on them to keep the moisture.It removes waterproof makeup: petroleum jelly can be used to effectively wipe off waterproof eye makeup, or remove synthetic eyelash gum, by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the eyelids and then wiping with a clean cotton pad.It makes the smell of perfume last: Vaseline installs the perfume, so it lasts longer, by placing a little petroleum jelly on the place of spraying the perfume such as the wrist or ear bone, then spraying the perfume on it.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly for the body

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