The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly

1 Vaseline and turmeric

The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly – ” Contents1 Vaseline and turmeric2 The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jellyVaseline and TurmericVaseline is a soft gelatinous oil, which is used because of its sticky fatty property to reduce dryness and division of the skin, as it has other uses such as the treatment of children’s mutations, the lengthening of eyelashes and condensation of eyebrows, and the lips also give A natural color, Sweet and mild and turmeric is a root plant with a distinguished smell and flavor, and it has several uses, it is used in the preparation of food and beauty recipes, and we will talk in this article about the Benefits that the mixture of turmeric and petroleum jelly is used together.The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jellyIt should be noted here that the turmeric that is used in these recipes is the turmeric that is sold in both perfumers (ie the roots that were not crushed), which can be crushed at home; To ensure that it does not contain any preservatives that can be harmful to the skin, not the crushed turmeric ready to use; It contains additional materials.In the following, a group of benefits obtained by turmeric and Vaseline realize:Brightening and moisturizing the face and skin:

2 The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly

it mixes an equal amount of turmeric and petroleum jelly, and a layer of it is applied to the skin before sleeping, and the next day it is washed with skin lotion, then wipes them with a cotton Woust with skin lotion also, or this mixture can be placed on the whole body, then washed with lemon and coarse salt, or with Moroccan soap, this moisturizes the body as it opens up dark places.Removing dark circles around the eyes: turmeric is very soft then mixed with petroleum jelly until it is formed from the homogeneous paste, this mixture is placed on the dark circles twice a day.Lightening hands, both knees and both knees: mix turmeric with petroleum jelly, then put the mixture on the areas that suffer from darkening more than two hours, then rinse with coarse salt and lemon, and this method is repeated four times a week to get good results.Bleaching sensitive areas: mix the same amount of turmeric and petroleum jelly, place on sensitive areas for half an hour, and before washing them, put the starch or children’s powder and rub well to get rid of petroleum jelly and repeat this method until The expected results are obtained.Maintain the purity and whiteness of the skin: mixing two ta

blespoons of turmeric with the same of Vaseline, adding three or four tablespoons of olive oil, and this mixture is placed on the face and neck, and it can also be used for dark places For a period ranging from one hour to three hours, then wash it with paper sidr paper or bay leaf.Brighten the lips and give it the pink color: turmeric mixes with petroleum jelly and put a light smear of the mixture on the lips before sleeping for a month.Was the article useful?

The benefits of turmeric with petroleum jelly

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