The benefits of watercress oil for the body

1 benefits of watercress oil

The benefits of watercress oil for the body – ” Contents1 Benefits of watercress oil2 Watercress seed oil3 General benefits of watercress4 Nutritional value of watercress5 ReferencesThe benefits of watercress oilThere are not many studies that have discussed the benefits of using watercress oil for the body, but a 2018 study conducted on animals indicated the possibility of having anti-oxidant and bacterial properties, as it can help improve the work of the immune system, And in another study conducted on rabbits in 2008, I showed that the topical use of zeital wigs helped to improve the healing of wounds and burns, but as it is clarified, all these benefits are not based on human results, and therefore There is no evidence of its authenticity, and that the use of watercress oil (whether by mouth or location) without taking the approval of the doctor, it is dangerous and causes side effects. [1] [2]WatercressThere are many in skin care stores known as watercress seed oil, in which the manufacturers claim that they are able to provide benefits to the skin and hair, improving freshness, moisturizing dry hair, in addition to helping to remove dirt accumulated in Hair when used with conditioner and shampoo, but there are no scient

2 watercress seed oil

ific studies that prove the validity of these claims, and further evidence is needed. [3]Public benefits of watercressWatercress is frequently used to prepare foods and salads with its delicious taste, but it also offers benefits of eating it regularly, including:[4][5]Rich in minerals and vitamins: it contains vitamin C known for its ability to improve the work of the immune system and increase collagen production in the body, and watercress contains levels of vitamin A important for maintaining eye and retinal health.It can reduce blood pressure and protect against heart disease: watercress is one of the vegetables rich in nitrates that help to enlarge These factors can help reduce the possibility of an infection in the future heart disease, but it should be noted that watercress does not replace the blood pressure medications prescribed by the honorable doctor.Improved bone health: Watercress contains both calcium known for its importance to bone health, in addition to vitamin K, which helps to increase the absorption of calcium, as it contains magnesium and potassium that affect the work of the structural system, and therefore get enough of them Minerals that may have a role in

3 general watercress benefits

preventing osteoporosis and others.Nutritional value of watercressOne cup of fresh watercress (34 g) contains the following: [6]4 calories.0.782 grams of protein0.034 grams of fat.0.439 grams of carbohydrates.0.17 grams of dietary fiber.40.8 mg of calcium.14.6 milligrams of vitamin C.0.068 milligrams of iron.7.14 mg of magnesium.112 mg of potassium.1080 IU of vitamin A.the reviewerWas the item helpful?

4 The nutritional value of the watercress

The benefits of watercress oil for the body

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