The benefits of yeast for dry skin

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The benefits of yeast for dry skin – ” Contents1 yeast2 benefits of yeast for the skin3 The nutritional value of yeast4 recipes using yeast for dry skin5 types of yeast6 tips when using yeast masks7 referencesYeastYeast is microorganisms belonging to the kingdom of fungi, and there are about 1500 types of yeast, and yeast is found in the soil, vegetables and water cover, as found on the body of animals, and there are many types of bacteria that cause disease and affect many areas of the body, skin, it causes hormonal imbalance and weak in the immune system, and it should be noted that there are many benefits of yeast for the body, and are also used in food and beverage industry. In this article, we will talk about the types of yeast, its nutritional value, its benefits for the skin and some useful recipes for the skin using yeast. [1]Benefits of yeast for the skinYeast product has many benefits, especially for the skin, including:[2]Renewal of skin cells; Because it contains large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin B.Fighting aging due to the presence of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids in the skin.Promote the production of collagen responsible for skin elasticity, because the yeast molecules begin to demolish the fats

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in the cells, eliminate toxins and have a great impact on the metabolism inside; Because it reaches deep skin layers.Cleaning the pores of the skin in the oily skin where it eliminates the shine, gives the face freshness, shine and freshness.Anti-acne and other skin infections.Renew and moisturize dry skin cells.The nutritional value of yeastYeast contains many nutrients, including:[3]It contains a good amount of calories, as every 7 grams of yeast has 21 calories.A yeast shell contains 4 milligrams of sodium, and according to some studies conducted on yeast, it has shown that excess sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure, and thus to heart attack.Yeast helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood because it contains carbohydrates that consist of dietary fiber and sugars, which are a source of quick energy.It contains a small amount of protein needed to build the body’s cells, so it is not a sufficient source of protein, and it contains a small amount of potassium and some iron.Yeast contains a small amount of saturated fat, but its monounsaturated fat content is high.A recipe using yeast for dry skinBefore using this recipe for dry skin, it must first be moistened

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and the method is:[2]ingredients:Chopped and pickled.1 tablespoon of fresh yeast.Two drops of essential oils such as to prepare:Prepare a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Incorporate the ingredients of a homogeneous mixture and make sure that the mixture does not contain blocks.The mixture is placed on the skin, left for 15 minutes, then washed with water.Another way: yeast masks give a greater effect when mixed with eggs, and the reason is that it is a product that contains many natural antioxidants that help absorb harmful substances from the skin, so mix with eggs, and this recipe not only moisturizes the skin, But renews the skin cells, and its method is:ingredients:One egg.1 tablespoon of yeast.One apple to prepare:Spread the apples, then prepare a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Incorporate the ingredients of a homogeneous mixture.The mixture is placed on the skin, left for 20 minutes, washed with water.The recipe is repeated daily for two weeksTypes of yeastYeast can not be considered an essential element in the diet, but it can be used as a food supplement in some recipes, especially bread. Yeast is many and numerous, including: [4]

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Brewer’s yeast: This is the most common type and most used as a dietary supplement, and brewer’s yeast is rich in a large group of B vitamins, including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and biotin that help convert carbohydrates, fats and fats and Protein into energy, as it contains minerals, selenium, in addition, helps the body to maintain a good level of sugar in the blood, and it has a fundamental role in the production of thyroid hormone.Baking yeast: baking yeast differs from brewer’s yeast, and although it contains many nutrients, it is not sufficient, and therefore it can not be used as a dietary supplement, and contains minerals, but it is rich in folic, and bread yeast is used as a fermentation factor to raise the dough when making bread, it works by consuming sugar in the dough and removing carbon dioxide and ethnol, which leads to the formation of air bubbles in the dough, and this process is known as fermentation .Nutritional yeast: Nutritional yeast is sold in various forms such as powder and liquid, and it adds flavor and nutritional value for meals. Nutritional yeast contains complex vitamins and selenium, unlike brewer’s yeast, which makes it very useful for ve

getarians.Tips when using yeast masksYeast is a skin care product, but it is a solid product on the skin, and it is part of many recipes used for the face, but it causes damage if used improperly, and from the tips that should be followed When using yeast masks:[2]Make sure the validity date of the yeast before use, when you use the yeast in the summer, you will be exposed to high temperatures, losing its useful properties.It is best to use a facial scrub before applying the yeast to the face, because the skin after peeling is able to absorb the nutrients.Dry yeast can be used if fresh yeast is not available, but it will not have the effect of fresh yeast itself, and it can be somewhat useful.It is best to try the recipe on a small area of the skin so that there is no sudden effect on the skin. In case any negative reaction appears such as redness or itching, you should never use any yeast recipe.This recipe is repeated daily if the skin is dry, but if the skin is sensitive to only twice a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The benefits of yeast for dry skin

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