The benefits of yogurt for the skin

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The benefits of yogurt for the skin – ” Contents1 yogurt2 benefits of yogurt for the skin3 yogurt face masks4 referencesYogurtAl -zubadi contains many foods such as vitamins and minerals useful for health, and it also contains lactic acid, zinc and vitamin B which make it one of the natural ingredients made by the user, and it is advisable to use regular organic customs without any additions, and is considered an alternative to commercial products that it contains chemicals and preservatives, so that sink masks are used for the face for freshness and health of the skin, and we will mention in this article the benefits of the benefits of the skin for the skin. [1] [2]The benefits of yogurt for the skinThe benefits of al-Zubadie for the skin are many, including:[1]Anti -skin -ying: Zabadi makes the skin younger; Indeed, it contains lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, which turns dry and rough skin, reduces the signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles, dark spots and mineral pipes, melting dead skin cells and reducing large pores.Anti -Acne: Al -zabadi is a fight for the love of youth and is useful for skin exposed to the love of youth; Because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, in addition to this, it is

2 benefits of yogurt for the skin

a natural ingredient rich in zinc, which makes it a remedy for youth and inconvenience, and a skin cleanser.Reduction of skin color changes: Zubadi contains a clear white that can relieve spots, blemishes and skin color change resulting from sun exposure, and the full fog, screen or normal can be used.Skin hydration: The lactic acid in Xoli can moisturize the skin, relieve the appearance of tired skin and it is recommended to use normal yogurt milk (English: natural yogurt).Increased skin freshness: the lactic acid in al-zubadie prevents the production of melanin by preventing the secretion of tyrosine, which is responsible for the production of melanin, resulting in a darkening of the skin, and thus obtaining a bright and fresh skin.Skin Epleling: Zabadi peeling the skin to remove dead skin cells without causing skin irritation, which accelerates the process of cell regeneration.Skin Liquidation: Zabadi eliminates skin blemishes and reduces youthful love by relieving skin inflammation, reducing fat secretion and destroying bacteria, and it is recommended to use a mixture of Xoli and lemon juice.Removal of dark circles: The zinc in the zinc opens up the skin color, blemishes and s

3 yogurt masks for the face

cars, which makes Al-Zubadi remove dark circles, and it is recommended to use Zabadi mask daily to get the best results.Keep the skin of the skin: Al -zubadi contains antioxidants that reduce the damage of free radicals that destroy the skin, which delays the lines and wrinkles, so the Zabadi mask should be used regularly.Treatment of skin infection: Zabadi treats fungal infection in the skin; because the lactic acid in it contains antifungal properties, and Zabadi mask should be used 4-5 times a day to meet the desired results in removing the infection.Treat sunburn: the zinc in the zipper is soothing sunburn, relieves itching and a feeling of heartburn, and it is recommended to use a regular client.Yogurt masks for the faceThere are many yogurt masks that are used for facial skin, including:Yogurt mask for dry skinThis mask moisturizes and blesses the dry skin, and its method is:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of whole customer.1 tablespoon of organic honey.1 tablespoon of avocado.1 tablespoon of cooked oats.electric to prepare:Mix ingredients in electric blender; To create a thin paste.Put the mask on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes.Wipe the mask from the skin

with a soft towel and dry.Use the mask 2-3 times a week.Yogurt mask for irritated skinThis mask is used for irritated skin, such as sunburn, or for skin with infection, and it seems redness and inflammation, and its method is:[3]ingredients:A quarter cup of whole zabi.A quarter cup of cucumber (peeled and cut).1 tablespoon of organic aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice.1 tablespoon of honey.A few drops of chamomile to prepare:Mix the ingredients in the electric blender; To create a soft paste.Filter the paste with cheese (English: chesecloth) (cotton cloth) if the paste is a paste (if the paste is very thin).Put the mask on the face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash the skin with cold water.Yogurt mask for acne exposedThis mask is used to reduce the seminar that causes the increase of bacteria, the appearance of pimples and its method is:[3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of customer.1 tablespoon of honey.One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.One teaspoon of turmeric powder.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Put the mixture on the face and leave it for 10 to 15 mines.Wash the mask from the skin with warm water and dry it with a soft towel.Repeat the mask every day for best

results.Yogurt mask for freshness of the skinThis mask is used to get a fresh and naturally glowing skin, and its method is:[3]ingredients:An appropriate amount of yogurt.An appropriate amount of crushed lentils.An appropriate amount of orange peel.A teaspoon of honey (for dry skin optional).Prepared food.How to prepare:Grind the crushed lentils and orange peel into the food preparation; To create a paste.Mix the paste well with the zipper.Put the mask on the face and leave it for 15 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Yogurt mask for tired skinThis mask is used to restore the freshness of the skin and renew it, especially when the skin is tired and pale, and its method is:[3]ingredients:4 tablespoons of yogurt.1 tablespoon of cocoa powder.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients and put the mixture on the face.Leave the mask on the skin for a period of 20 minutes before washing it with the broker.Yogurt to exfoliate the skinDeath cells can be removed by mixing USPERANCE with nice peeled ingredients such as oats, and the way is:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of Zabi.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the yogurt and oats.Massage the face with circular moti

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The benefits of yogurt for the skin

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