The best face wash for acne

1 medical lotions for acne

The best face wash for acne – ” Contents1 medical lotions for acne2 natural lotions for acne3 important tips for oily skin care4 referencesMedical lotions for acneOne of the therapeutic lotions for acne is the following: [1]Peroxide: Benzuel peroxide is used to clean the skin from oils and dirt and removes the washing bacteria in which the oil and dirt collect, and it is used in the form of foam.Palcelet Acid Wash: The salonal acid wash is a pore lotion suitable for pores, so it removes dirt and oils, exfoliates the skin and relieves it of dead skin cells.Glycolic Acid Wash: This wash is considered a natural exfoliation, as it removes dead skin cells and treats acne infections and scars by stimulating cell growth again.Natural Acne LotionsOne of the natural washes that treats acne and removes the following: [2]Apple Cider Vinegar:Apple cider vinegar has been applied to the oily skin in which acne appears, because it contains lactic acid, which improves the appearance of acne scars and removes oils from the skin. And its method is:ingredients:One part apple cider vinegar.Three parts to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.We put the wash on the skin with a piece of cotton, then leave it for 5 to 20 sec

2 natural lotions for acne

onds, then wash it with water until it dries.We repeat the treatment once or twice a day.Note: Applying apple cider vinegar can cause irritation and skin burns, so it is best to use it in small amounts, and we reduce it with water.Important tips for oily skin careOne of the most important tips we can apply for oily skin care. The following: [3]Avoid using essential soaps or moisturizers that contain harmful chemicals, as they cause skin irritation and dryness, which causes increased sebum secretion.Avoid using harsh pillow covers, as it causes skin friction, which leads to increased oil removal and its accumulation on the skin, thus causing acne.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 important tips for oily skin care

The best face wash for acne

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