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The best hand cream – ” Contents1 Best Hands Cream2 cream to moisturize the hands3 natural hand care creams4 hands to take care of the hands5 referencesThe best hand creamIt is recommended to use a daily cream with simple ingredients so that the skin can absorb it quickly, and a cream can be used with heavy ingredients at night; To get two smooth moist hands the next morning, and in case of repeated washing with water, at the end of daily work, it is advisable to use a thick cream of ingredients twice a day, morning and evening; To better protect the hands, it is advisable to moisturize the hands at least 3-4 times a day, especially when it is repeated hands to wash per day, or in winter; To protect them from dehydration, [1] just use a cream that looks like shea butter in this chapter. [2]Cream to moisturize the handsIt is recommended to protect the skin, using good quality moisturizers; To prevent dryness, the hands can also be moistened with several drops of glycerin, put them on the hands before going to bed, then wash the hands the next morning and repeat the process twice a week to get soft hands. [2]Natural handcuffsSome creams can be chosen; To keep the hands, including the following: [1]Glyceri

2 cream to moisturize the hands

n Cream with cucumber: mix an appropriate amount of glycerin with cucumber, then the mixture is placed on the hands; To give them freshness and shine.Glycerin Cream, lemon and rose water: It is used by mixing a teaspoon of glycerin and lemon juice with 5 drops sediment, and the ingredients are placed in a bottle, then the hands are rubbed with the resulting mixture for at least 10 to 15 minutes .Tips from advisorWe mention the most important tips for hand care, as follows: [3]Protect hands from sunlight damage, such as dark spots, using sunlight daily, with a protection factor of more than 30 degrees.Wear gloves; Protect the hands when performing tasks at home, such as washing dishes or others; So that the hands are not dehydrated, nor cracked, and that the type of gloves is chosen according to the tasks used for them, as follows:Leather gloves: to perform tasks of heavy equipment.All plastic gloves: perform tasks, which contain water.Family gloves: to perform tasks of agriculture and Inery; To protect the hands from pollutants.the reviewerWas the article useful?

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The best hand cream

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