The best hand mixture

1 shea butter

The best hand mixture – ” Contents1 shea butter2 almond oil3 lemon4 yogurt5 beautiful and simple tips for the hands6 referencesShea butterDry hands are at their worst in the morning, and during the cold months, and for this shea butter is used to moisturize them, treat dryness and cracks in the skin, and for this you need to use a copious amount of butter before going to bed, and massage the skin for ten minutes until it completely absorbs the butter. Dry hands tend to be worse in the morning, as well as at any time during the cold months, winter when the old winter man does not like more than to destroy the ruin on your skin.Almond OilThis is one of the incredible home remedies for dry hands, as it contains a lot of vitamin is another of the incredible home remedies, as it contains a lot of vitamin E to regenerate the skin of the skin. I love it – and soon it will be too. Just massage your hands with lots of almond oil to starve skin infections and dryness. Put it on before bed to wake up with refreshed hands.LemonLemon is one of the cheap natural remedies to get bright hands and feet, because the acidic properties help whiten the skin, and it is rich in vitamin C, which relieves the skin of skin cells,

2 almond oil

and this is what improves the color of the skin and it renews the growth of cells. [1]Sprinkle sugar on a piece of lemon, rub the skin to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells, then leave the lemon for 10 minutes, then wash the face with water and repeat the method once a week.Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey, then put the mixture on the hands and feet and leave them for 15 minutes, then the area is washed with water, and the method is repeated twice a day.Note: After using lemon treatments, apply a good moisturizer so that your skin does not dry. Also avoid direct sunlight for at least 1-2 hours.YogurtThe presence of lactic acid in milk makes it a natural and effective whitening factor to lighten skin color, and this acid can remove the top layer of dead skin cells to relieve dry skin and dark color. [1]The proteins and vitamins present are the smoothness and freshness of the skin.The milk is used by applying it to the dark areas of the skin with massage for a few minutes, leaving 10 to 15 minutes, and it is completely washed with plain water and repeated treatment once or twice a day to improve the skin Color.Another is that by mixing equal amounts of yogurt and rose wate

3 lemon

r, then add a teaspoon of glycerin, then massage the hands and feet until it is completely absorbed, then left overnight, then the area is washed with cold water the next morning, And it is repeated that method is once a day.Simple beauty tips for the handsThe basic steps that must be followed to get beautiful and soft. [2]Moisturizing hands: using a good quality moisturizer, then using it 3 times a day, and a light non-greasy moisturizer is used, and in winter, a heavy moisturizer is used as a body butter. In winter, the skin tends to dry and for this, it needs extra moisture.Manicure work at least once a month, to get clean hands and hands should be massaged to exfoliate them.Wash hands with warm water, very hot and cold water is damaged by the skin, and ordinary soap should not be used because it is hard on the skin and easily dry the skin.Peel the hands and that by rubbing them once a week using a special preparation to get rid of dead skin, and a natural scrub consisting of a teaspoon of fine sugar and olive oil can be used.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 yogurt

The best hand mixture

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