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1 The best treatment methods for treating wrinkles

The best handcraft remedy – ” Contents1 The best treatment methods to treat wrinkles2 The best natural recipes to treat wrinkles3 Important tips for taking care of the hands4 Other hands to take care of the hands5 referencesThe best treatment methods to treat wrinklesOne of the treatment methods applied to treat wrinkles on the hands:[1]Filling for the hands: the pads are used to treat wrinkles by heating the pads on the back, the process needs 20 minutes, in two weeks.Laser: the laser creates small holes in the skin, encouraging the body to produce collagen and elastin without redness or scarring.The best natural recipes to treat wrinklesAmong the important recipes that can treat wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the hands. The following is: [2]BananaBanana is used to treat hand wrinkles, and it is prepared by removing the skins from a banana seed and mashed potato, applying a soft banana paste and rubbing it on the hands, then leaving it for 30 minutes, then washing it with warm water and moisturizing the hands. [2]Banana, olive oil and honeyThis recipe is used by mixing bananas, olive oil and honey and applying the mixture to treat wrinkles that appear on the hands. The method of the recipe is as foll

2 The best natural recipes for treating wrinkles

ows:[2]ingredients:Half a banana mashed.A little honey and olive to prepare:Half a banana.Add the honey and olive oil to half a banana.Put the mixture on the hands, then rub them and leave them for 20 minutes.Wash the hands with warm water, then cold water.Apply treatment at least once a week.Shea butter creamShea butter cream is an excellent skin moisturizer, which contains the important moisturizing properties of the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Cocoa butter.Shea butter.Coconut to prepare:Mix the three ingredients together.Apply the mixture to the hands at night.Important tips for hand careWe can apply some tips, to treat wrinkles and take care of the hands. These are as follows: [3]Hydration of the hand: we must constantly moisturize the hands, in order to reduce the wrinkles that appear in them.Protection of the hands from the sun: we must protect the hands from the ultraviolet sun, because it causes wrinkles.WRINKING HANDS with Incol feet: We can apply the hands with retinol cream, which is an antioxidant that contains vitamin A, easily penetrates the skin and improves collagen levels.Applying alpha hydroxy acid cream: alpha hydroxy acid cream can be

3 important tips for taking care of hands

used instead of retinol, as it rejuvenates the cells and eliminates wrinkles by improving collagen production.Other hand care methodsThere are other methods to take care of two hands, which are the following:Hand peeling: The main cause of dry hands is the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the hands, so the dead skin cells are eliminated with peeling, and one of the natural peels such as: castor oil and sugar mixture, and the The mixture is rubbed on the hands until the sugar dissolves, then wash with warm water.Puntures: Flying is one of the ways to deal with dry hands, as it treats dryness and removes dead skin cells and dirt that accumulate on the hands.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 other hands to care for hands

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