The best mask for dry skin

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The best mask for dry skin – “Contents1 dry skin2 causes of dry skin3 The best mask for dry skin4 referencesDry skinSkin is one of the essential elements of beauty for women and men, and each of them takes care of them, whether going to health centers, or at home using natural recipes with available ingredients, the skin has different types, there is dry, mixed, sensitive, oily, regular and others, while dry skin is the skin in which the skin is dry and rough with texture and lacks vitality and activity, and its owner appears more than his real age, and in this Article We will talk about the reasons that lead to dry skin, in addition to talking about the best masks for this skin. [1]Causes of dry skinWe will talk about the reasons that lead to dry skin, including:[2]Use inappropriate soap, which consists of harmful chemicals that harm the skin.The duration of the hours of harmful sun damage, in addition to its direct exposure.Dryness, which is a symptom of chronic diabetes.Swimming for long periods.Age.Negative and bad side effects of certain drugs and medications.Suffering from certain skin problems.Dysfunction in glands and hormonal disorders.Weather fluctuations.The best mask for dry skinOne of the best mas

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ks for this skin is: [3]Honey and egg mask: Adding a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of corn oil, add an egg and put everything in a small bowl and mix the ingredients well, put the mixture on the face and leave it for almost fifteen minutes , then wash the face with warm water.Yogurt, honey and banana mask: putting two bananas and a teaspoon of natural honey and half a cup of yogurt in the electric blender, to make the ingredients a paste and put them on the face for almost twenty minutes or until they dry and wash the face with warm water.Milk mask: milk moisturizes the skin, adding a teaspoon of dry milk, a tablespoon of natural honey, a tablespoon of aloe vera and two drops of aromatic oil, mix the ingredients together, put it on the face and leave it almost A quarter of an hour and wash the face with warm water, to get a soft skin.Honey, oats and banana mask: putting a ripe banana and half a cup of oatmeal and a tablespoon of natural honey in a bowl and mixed with a little water, mix the ingredients well until they turn into a paste, put them On the face for almost fifteen minutes and wash it with warm water.Mask with brown sugar and olive oil: The mask can be made by taking a

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teaspoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil, making a paste and massaging the face in circular motions and washing the face after it with warm water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The best mask for dry skin

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