The best moisturizer for the body

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The best moisturizer for the body – ” Contents1 skin moisturizer2 components of body moisturizer3 types of moisturizers according to skin type4 referencesMoisturizerThe skin should be moisturized and carried out in all seasons, especially in winter, and moisturizers that contain natural substances that are suitable for the type of skin should be chosen, and for sensitive skin, you should choose moisturizers without fragrance, which causes to cause irritation to the skin. [1]Body moisturizing ingredientsMoisturizers protect the skin layer from drying out, preventing water loss from the skin, insulating these moisturizers and allowing the cells to rebuild and restore. Mints are made up of many types of compounds, the most important of which are:[2]Bovine Cream: This type of cream contains compounds that help maintain the skin’s natural moisture, absorbing water from the air such as glycerin, milk acids and alpha hydroxy compounds. These creams give the skin high levels of moisture, which are useful for thick and hard skin.Tribarre cream: it consists of compounds that block the voids between the skin cells, and the lost fats are compensated for, which helps to maintain the smoothness and moisture of the skin. Examples o

2 components of the body moisturizer

f these compounds include Sterett Patel, glycerin, mineral oils, and two vehicles and others, and the dominant cream of two types: the first type is formed mainly from oil, it contains a small amount of water, helps prevent sunlight and remains on the skin for a longer period and the second type consists of a larger amount of water, and gives a soft feel and a non-greasy texture, which are easy to use creams, and do not leave traces but they disappear. quickly, most creams on the market are watery.Perfumes: Many creams contain perfumes to give the creams a distinctive scent and hide the odors of other ingredients, and perfumes can cause skin irritation and allergies, and examples of these perfumes are cinnamon alcohol and aromatic cannabis.Preservatives: Most creams contain preservatives that prevent pollution with bacteria as exposure to the products in the air, and these materials can cause skin irritation.Vitamins and minerals: Creams contain vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and sunscreen, and creams may contain substances that improve collagen production, mincer removal, reduce wrinkles and open the pores of the skin.Types of moisturizers depending on skin typeThe ty

3 types of moisturizers depending on the type of skin

pe of moisturizer depends on the skin type as follows: [3]* Natural skin: this type of skin is mixed between oily and dry skin, in order to maintain the natural balance of the skin, and creams that constitute water should be used mainly to add a non-oily soft feeling, and these compounds consist of light oils, such as: steroid alcohol.Dry skin: dry skin is used for generous oily creams, which contain propellin glycol, which helps the skin to keep moisture and the best materials for dry skin oils; Because it stays on the skin longer than the cream and prevents water from evoking the body.Oily skin: oily skin is characterized by the secretion of a larger amount of fat, so the creams that cleanse the skin should be used from the fat, and after washing the skin well, the moisturizing cream is used that restores the freshness and hydration of the skin, And these creams should be watery and do not close the pores of the skin.Sensitive skin: sensitive skin is vulnerable to irritation and redness, and therefore you must choose creams free of compounds that cause allergies such as: perfumes or compounds that cause sensitive skin irritation.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best moisturizer for the body

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