The best oil for children’s skin

1 chamomile oil

The best oil for children’s skin – ” Contents1 chamomile oil2 sunflower oil3 vegetable oils4 coconut oil5 unarmed mineral oil (pediatric oil)6 grape oil7 referencesChamomile oilChamomile flower is famous for treating insomnia, and its benefits for adults, and it can be used for infants, and enjoy chamomile oil by adding a few drops to warm bath water. Many of its users have praised its calming effect on children. [1]sunflower oilSunflower oil is classified as a carrier oil, which is one of the popular oils used, and is considered to be rich in linoleic acid, and children with sensitive skin, or children with eczema, are suitable, and according to some studies, it is found that This sunflower oil improves the moisture level of the skin compared with olive oil. [1]Vegetable oilsThe percentage of unsaturated fats in vegetable oils increases, and the proportion of linoleic acid increases, which is a type of fatty acid that protects the sensitive skin of the child and protects them by forming a protective barrier for it, vegetable oils are suitable for children’s skin , but it should be noted that not all oils are rich in linoleic acid, and it is best to adopt vegetable oils raised with linoleic acid, and stay away from

2 sunflower oil

vegetable oils raised with oleic acid because it increases the drying of the skin of children. [2]Coconut oilCoconut oil can be used for children with dry skin; For its ability to improve moisture, relieve dry skin. [2]Unreinforced mineral oils (pediatric oil)Children’s oil is one of the traditional oils used to massage the skin of newborns, but it is not moisturizing the delicate skin of children, because it is not able to absorb it well. [3], and mineral oils are a good option for children with dry and sensitive skin, and it is advisable to choose the type free of fragrances, especially for children who suffer from damage or dry skin. [2]Grape seed oilGrape seed oil is extracted from several different seeds of grape fruits, and it is characterized by the brightness when used and applied to the skin, and it is included in many skin care products, and it can be used for children; For its richness in essential oils, linoleic (English: oloic), it also contains antioxidants, vitamin E and resveratrol (English: resveratrol), and can be applied and used on the outer skin, according to information from the book “”Principles and Practice a treatment in plants: modern herbal. “[4]the revie

3 vegetable oils

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4 coconut oil

The best oil for children's skin

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