The best oil of facial beans

1 thyme oil

The best oil of facial beans – ” Contents1 thyme oil2 rosemary oil3 cinnamon oil4 tea tree oil and coconut oil5 oil wash6 The best way to use oils7 referencesThymeThyme oil is one of the best oils for treating acne, as it has proven to fight the eye permanently. [1]Rosemary oilOne of the best natural oils that helps in the treatment and elimination of acne is rosemary oil, and it also works to inhibit the growth of fungi. [1]CinnamonCinnamon oil is used to treat acne effectively, and it has also worked to reduce menstrual pain and cholesterol levels. [1]Tea tree oil and coconut oilTea tree oil helps to reduce inflammation that can stimulate acne, and it also has a great role in cleaning the skin more deeply and opening the pores of the skin, and it is by following the following method:[2]ingredients:1-2 tablespoons of tea tree oil.One tablespoon of coconut oil.Method:Mix the above ingredients well.A cotton ball is dipped into the resulting mixture, and it is passed over the acne.Leave the skin for 10 minutes.The face is washed with warm water.The face is moisturized with a light moisturizer.The process is repeated three times a day; for best results.Oil washThere is a technique known as (OCM), which is the treat

2 rosemary oil

ment of acne using a lotion of natural oils, and an alternative method to clean the skin, especially for sensitive skin and natural oils such as olive oil, egg oil, grape Seed oil and castor oil are used. [3]The best way to use oilsEssential oils are concentrated plant chemicals, so care must be taken to read the instructions before applying them to the face, and you may need to reduce them before using any of the carrier oils and they are not fragrant plant oils, or they can be mixed with base oils with water before using them. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 cinnamon oil

4 tea tree oil and coconut oil

The best oil of facial beans

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