The best recipe for lightening the skin

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The best recipe for lightening the skin – “Contents1 skin lightening2 recipes to lighten the skin3 important tips for brightening the skin4 referencesSkin whiteningMany people seek to lighten their skin and make it fresh and free of blemishes, which are caused by exposure to many treasures that negatively affect the skin, including direct sun exposure, environmental pollutants, fatigue, stress and the aftermath of false lifestyles in addition to illness and exposure to dry skin, some may resort to cosmetic preparations that open the skin, regardless of its material cost or the amount of damage the skin will be exposed to in the long run as a result of it contains chemical elements harmful to The health of the skin, but this effort and money can be provided by going to natural recipes that concern the skin and open it effectively in this article, we will talk about the best recipes to clear the skin. [1]Skin brightening recipesUsing natural materials to lighten the skin is the safest for the skin, as it reduces exposure to the acute side effects associated with some chemicals to lighten the skin and must stay away from direct sunlight. As follows, we will mention the best recipes that open the skin, including: [2]LemonLemon

2 Recipes to lighten the skin

is an effective element that has been used for thousands of years to lighten the skin naturally because it contains acids that open the skin and help to peel it, but lemon can sometimes cause irritation there, so the concentration of lemon juice is reduced to water To get the best results, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of lemon juice.A quantity of to prepare:Mix an equal amount of lemon juice and water.Drink a cotton ball with the solution, then distributed on the skin.Leave the solution on the face for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.A moisturizer is then placed to reduce dry skin.This process is repeated 2 to 3 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks achieving an effective result.Note: Be careful when using lemon from sun exposure, as it causes reactions between acids and ultraviolet radiation, resulting in vegetarian dermatitis (in English: phytophmotermatitis), so the face should be washed well before sun exposure.Milk and lemonIn addition to what the lemon contains the elements of bleaching, milk contains enzymes that open the skin and moisturize the skin and give it freshness, because it resists the properties that cause dryness in the lemon juice and

3 important tips for lightening the skin

therefore this mixture is used together in a hot water bath For the whole body and its method is:[2]ingredients:One cup of whole milk.One lemon juice.How to prepare:The bath is prepared by filling it with water.Add the milk and lemon juice and distribute evenly.The body is soaked in the tub for 20 minutes, then rinsed with a purifier.This recipe is repeated once a week for a month for best results.HoneyHoney is a popular natural remedy for skin whitening, and it is known that it is not only a human food, but also used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, and helps to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and contains anti – Bacterial properties, in addition to hiding skin blemishes such as acne and scars, spots associated with age, moisturize the skin. And his method is: [1]The first method:ingredients:One teaspoon of raw honey.One teaspoon of mashed avocado.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix all ingredients in a bowl; For a soft paste.The mixture is placed on the face for 20 to 30 minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water.This method is repeated regularly.The second method:ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.10-6 fresh strawberries.How to prepare:Sprinkle str

awberries, then mix with honey for a paste.The mixture is placed on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the face with warm water, then with cold water.This method is repeated regularly.RiceRice is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, fructic acid and other antioxidants that help remove toxins from the skin and whiten the skin. And its method is:[3]ingredients:Half a cup of uncooked rice.A quantity of lukewarm water.Adequate amount of to prepare:Grind rice; For powder.The rice powder is mixed with milk and water; For a thick paste.It is placed on the skin and left for 20-30 minutes.The skin is rinsed with lukewarm water.This method is repeated two or three times a week.Important tips for brightening the skinEvery woman seeks to get a bright and clear skin, but it is not easy to maintain it without dark spots and impurities, and the following points show some tips that concern the skin to get a clear and attractive skin, including: [3]Drinking water in sufficient amount, because water maintains the functions of all parts of the body, including the skin, so doctors advise drinking two pets a day to give the body freshness and vitality.Sleep, as it is the main factor that contributes to whi

tening and brightening the skin, and a healthy sleep with a morning sport is important to increase the percentage of sweating and opening pores.Cleanse and moisturize the face after using makeup by using an appropriate face wash, then applying a skin moisturizer.Use sunscreen to avoid exposure to harmful rays and avoid sunburn, as sunscreen can be used at 15% indoors, and use at least 30% protection outdoors to reduce direct sun damage.Peel off the skin, get rid of dead skin and dark spots and give the skin a fresh look.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals that are important for skin care and whitening.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best recipe for lightening the skin

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