The best sanding of the body

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The best sanding of the body – ” Contents1 Body to body2 The best body sanding3 referencesBody sandingBody sanding or body exfoliation is the process of ridding the body of accumulations of dirt and dead skin as well as impurities, with the aim of obtaining a soft and fresh skin, as well as preserving the skin tight and strong For the longest possible period of time, and this process uses many natural substances compatible with the nature of the skin. [1]The best body sandingOne of the best natural methods for the bodies is the following:[2]Banana and sugarPrepare this sanding, adding three tablespoons of coarse sugar, and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla to a mash of mature banana, then mix the ingredients well and massage the body with this mixture for five minutes, and then clean with warm water. [ 2]Tomatoes and sugarThis sanding is prepared by cutting three tomatoes into thin slices, then adding an appropriate amount of coarse sugar to the slices, rubbing the body with tomato slices, and then cleaning well with warm water. [2]Orange peelSafrrah prepares orange peel, mixing half a cup of oatmeal, dry sidr paper and crushed mint leaves, to two hundred and fifty milligrams of yogurt, and then add to the peeling m

2 The best sanding of the body

ixture on the ground two dry oranges. This mixture is applied to the body after moisturizing it with warm water for a period of at least ten minutes, and left the mixture on the body until it dries well, then using a Moroccan juice that cleanses the body of the mixture, this window Help to get rid of dead cells, then you need to shower with warm water and Nabulsi soap, this method is repeated twice a week and even the desired results. [2]Sanding coconut oilPrepare yourself by mixing half a cup of brown sugar with half a cup of coconut oil is good, then add a teaspoon of vanilla to the mixture, rub the body with the mixture and then clean with warm water. [2]LavenderPrepare yourself with lavender soil with sugar, then rub the body with the mixture, this mixture gives the skin vibrant. [2]Sea salt swalfMix three tablespoons of sea salt or coarse sugar with an appropriate amount of olive oil, so that a firm mixture is formed, then add a teaspoon of favorite fragrance oil to the mixture, the body is completely rubbed with this mixture before bathing, Then Bath with warm water and shampoo, and prefers the choice of a simple chemical shampoo such as children’s shampoo, and after bathing,

it is best to apply the body using one of the types of moisturizing creams that are suitable for the quality of the skin. [2]Sanding with jojoba oilMix the similar ingredients of jojoba oil and sea salt well, then add the mixture a teaspoon of dry grapefruit powder, rub the body with the mixture well, then wash well. [3]Sugar and coffee breadingMix similar amounts of sugar and coffee, with a quarter cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of vitamin E capsules, rubbing the body with the mixture, with a circular motion for half a minute, and then clean the body of the ingredients well and warm water, and it should be noted that this mixture works on adding softness and moisture to the skin. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The best sanding of the body

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