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The best scrub for hands – ” Contents1 hand care2 Eleling Olive Oil, lemon oil and sugar3 Grapefruit scrubs, sea salt and coconut oil4 Peeled almond oil, milk and honey5 Sugar peel6 referencesHandcuffsThe hand is the first place where the signs of aging appear; Because it is the most used part of the body, however, many people neglect to take care of it, and peeling is one of the most important ways to take care of it. [1], while some household peeling methods:Crush olive oil, lemon oil and sugarA simple household peel can be done, using lemon oil, olive oil and sugar; To remove dead skin from the hands, moisturize it, soften it and its method as follows: [2]Ingredients:2/3 cup of sugar.1/4 cup of olive oil.15 drops of lemon to prepare:Mix the sugar and olive oil in a bowl; For a similar sand mixture.Add lemon oil (it can be replaced by fresh lemon juice) and mix the ingredients well.The scrubs are spread on the hands with massage.Wash the hands well with warm water.The remaining amount of scrubs can be stored in front of the closing court for later use.Grapefruit, sea salt and coconut oil peelGrapefruit oil contains purifying and antibacterial properties, in addition to its beautiful aromatic smell,

2 peeling olive oil, lemon oil and sugar

and it can be used to make an effective hand peel as follows:[2]ingredients:1 cup coarse sea salt.1/2 cup of liquid coconut oil.5-7 drops of grapefruit to prepare:The coarse salt and coconut oil are well mixed.Add the grapefruit oil to the mixture and stir the mixture well; Even the essential oil is distributed over the entire mixture.A small amount of scrub is placed on the hands and rubbed well.The hands are washed with water and dried with a clean towel.This scrub is used 1 to 2 times a week.The remaining peeling is kept in a tightly closed bowl; to use it when needed.Almond oil, milk and honey peelingThis exfoliation is one of the simple home methods, which helps to exfoliate the hands, and its method is:[3]ingredients:A handful of almonds.Half a teaspoon of honey.An appropriate amount of to prepare:Crushed a handful of almonds to obtain a soft powder.Add half a teaspoon of honey, mix with almond powder.The previous putty is mixed with an appropriate amount of milk; To obtain a soft paste.The scrub is used directly on the hands (it is taken into account not to be stored for a later day).Sugar peelThis localized peeling, and its components can be present in any

3 scrubs grapefruit, sea salt and coconut oil

home, and is considered one of the simplest ways to exfoliate the hands, and the way it is done as follows: [3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of fine sugar.Two tablespoons of coarse brown sugar.An appropriate amount of olive oil.One drop of preferred essential oils.How to prepare:Combine white sugar and brown sugar in a bowl.Add the olive oil and mix the ingredients; to obtain a homogeneous paste.Add a drop of essential oil to add scent to the paste and mix the peel well.Rub the scrub with your hands, with a massage for 4 to 6 minutes.The mixture is stored in a tightly closed bowl and is used in a period that does not exceed one month.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 peeled almond oil, milk and honey

The best scrub for hands

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