The best solution to the face in the face

1 Medical solution to the pills in the face

The best solution to the face in the face – “Contents1 medical solution to face pills2 natural solutions for facial pills3 referencesA medical solution to the faceGel banglazel perooxide: Benzwell gel can be obtained from various pharmacies and cosmetic stores, and benzoyel gel is used to treat acne pills, and a dot can be placed on each pill and publish it with a clean finger, and it is recommended to buy products that contain 3% or less than benzoberrypoxide and, to ensure that the skin does not occur. [1]Natural solutions for facial pillsTea tree oilTea tree oil is used to treat acne, because it contains anti-bacterial and contributing infections, and it can be used to treat acne by following the following method:[2]ingredients:9 proportions of water.One percentage of tea tree to prepare:Reduce the tea tree oil with water.Soak a piece of cotton with the resulting mixture.Wipe the cotton over the seeds.Apply a moisturizer to the skin as desired.Repeat this treatment once or twice a day; for best results.SteamAcne can be treated with steam, and it is by following the following method:[3]ingredients:One liter of water.Two drops of essential to prepare:Put the water in the bowl.Boil the water for on

2 Natural solutions for pills in the face

e to two minutes.Add the essential oils after the water has started to evaporate a little; in other words, after a few minutes.Let the water boil for another minute.Put the bowl in a safe area and expose the skin to the escalating steam.Honey and cinnamonThe mixture of honey and cinnamon is very effective in eliminating acne, because cinnamon is full of antibacterial and honey natural antibiotics, and this is through the following method:[4]ingredients:Two tablespoons of honey.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix the above ingredients well, then wash your face well.Distribute the resulting mixture to the skin and leave it for 15 minutes.Wash the skin well, dry it by raising it with paper wipes.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The best solution to the face in the face

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