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1 coconut oil

The best sunburn oil – ” Contents1 coconut oil2 lavender oil3 Tea tree oil4 Factors that depend on the degree of sunburn5 Tips to avoid sunburn6 referencesCoconut oilCoconut oil is characterized by the content of strong fatty acids and antioxidants, which makes it an important refresher that can be used to relieve the symptoms of sunburn. The way is: [1]Ingredients: A little coconut oil.How to prepare:The coconut oil is placed in the microwave until it heats up slightly.The coconut oil is applied to the skin with sunburn, with a gentle massage.The recipe is repeated three times a day.Lavender oilLavender oil has properties that help relieve the pain caused by sunburn, and it also contains an anti-inflammatory that accelerates the recovery of the skin and its cellular regeneration, and therefore it is an important oil for the treatment of sunburn. The way is:[2]ingredients:A few drops of lavender oil.Some fresh gel of aloe vera.A mixture of to prepare:The bowl is prepared and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the skin with the sunburn and leaves it for a few minutes or completely dry.The skin is washed with water (or it cannot be washed).The re

2 lavender oil

cipe is repeated regularly.Tea tree oilTea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, and it also has cooling and antiseptic properties, making it an effective oil for treating sunburn. The way is:[3]ingredients:6 drops of tea tree oil.15 ml of coconut oil (any other oil can be used).A mixture of to prepare:The bowl is prepared and the oils are placed inside.Mix the oils well.The mixture is placed on the skin with burns and let it dry.The recipe is repeated two to three times a day.Factors that depend on the degree of sunburnSome people are exposed to severe sunburns, while others may be mild burns, which depends on certain factors. Including:[4]The length of time the skin was exposed to the sun.The severity of the sun.Type of skin.Tips to avoid sunburnThere are some tips, which are recommended to avoid sunburn, including: [1]Make sure you wear appropriate clothing, so that it covers all parts of the body, as well as wearing wide brims and wearing sunglasses.Sunscreen is recommended, provided it is of an appropriate protection factor and repeated several times a day.Avoid going outside when the sun is shining, i.e., between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.the reviewerWas t

3 tea tree oil

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4 The factors that depend on the degree of sunburn

The best sunburn oil

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