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1 olive oil

The best tann oil – ” Contents1 olive oil2 oil for children3 special tanning oil4 referencesOlive oilThere are several types of olive oil used to tan the skin, but the distinctive oil for tanning is virgin olive oil, and it can be used for tanning by following these steps: [1]A large towel is placed on the bed or a private chair.The timer is entered for 30 minutes and the time can be adjusted according to the rate of body interaction with the oil to tan the skin.Place the oil on a small piece of cloth and rub it all over the body and face.The back is stretched and relaxed, then the temporary is turned on with the closure of the eyes.The abdomen is in the first thirty minutes, rubbing the back and the rest of the parts of the back, and the timer is again adjusted for 30 minutes.The body is washed with soap and water well after completion of both sides.Pediatric OilChildren’s oil helps to well up the skin and get a better result, a few drops of iodine can be added up to 2% with the children’s oil, applied to the skin and massage, taking into account the frequent use of iodine On a daily basis is harmful to the skin, but it is used in a way that regular is safe. [2]Special tanning oilTanning has become o

2 Children’s oil

ne of the famous and circulating things among people, and tanning oil or tanning oil comes in many forms and types, but they all work on the same principle, and it can be bought in many widespread stores, and when placing tanning oil on the body works to absorb ultraviolet rays into the skin, the hot climate is hot, the more tanning helps to collect and intensify the melanin dye in the skin and thus the skin tanning, and the more skin absorbing the rays is large absorbing the rays, the more melanin in the layers of the skin is large, and thus greatly increases the skin of the skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 special tanning oil

The best tann oil

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