The best topical treatment for acne

1 Natural recipes to remove acne

The best topical treatment for acne – ” Contents1 natural recipes to get rid of acne2 medical methods to treat acne3 tips to avoid the appearance of acne4 referencesNatural recipes to get rid of acneOne of the natural recipes to treat acne is the following:Aspirin and honeyAspirin is an anti-inflammatory, which is about the treatment of skin infections, reducing pills on it, and the method is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of aspirin.A quantity of water.A quantity of honey or yogurt (optional).How to prepare:The ingredients are mixed with three parts of aspirin to one part of water, with the addition of honey or yogurt to obtain a paste.The paste is placed on the affected areas of the young.Leave the paste on the skin for 30 minutes.The paste is wiped from the skin with a piece of cloth.Aloe vera gelAloe vera gel calms the skin and treats infections resulting from pills, in addition to its ability to remove the oils from it, and the method is:[1]ingredients:Aloe vera to prepare:Aloe vera gel is extracted from the plant.The extracted gel is placed in the blender and mixed well.The gel is placed directly on the skin.The remaining amount in the refrigerator is kept for use when needed.Medical methods to treat

2 medical methods for treating acne

acneOne of the medical methods that doctors use to treat acne is as follows:[2]Drain and extract water: the specialized doctor removes the cysts accumulated under the skin, to inject antibiotics, or steroids inside, which accelerate the recovery process.Laser therapy: Laser light is used to reduce the bacteria that cause young.Chemical peeling: removes the top layer of skin, blackheads and white heads of skin.Tips to avoid the appearance of acneAcne can be controlled by following these tips: [3]Wash the skin twice a day: wash the facial skin with soap and warm water.Avoid using harmful skin products: such as maintenance drugs, taking care to avoid rubbing the face due to skin irritation, which increases the problems of acne.Use of products that treat acne: choose products containing salicylic acids, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy.Avoid oily cosmetics: such as sunscreens or hair products, focusing on the use of water-based products; because it reduces acne.Protection of the skin from sunlight: acne problems are exacerbated when exposed to the sun, with a number of drugs that react badly with sunlight.Avoid pressure on the skin: make sure to protect the skin from contact with cell

3 tips to avoid the appearance of acne

phones, bags and other everyday items used.Avoid touching the acne with both hands: touching the skin contributes to the spread of infection and increase the appearance of acne on the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best topical treatment for acne

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