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The best tried hand mixture – ” Contents1 glycerin2 vinegar mixture3 aloe vera mixture4 orange juice5 referencesglycerinGlycerin is an effective moisturizer for hands, and it effectively treats effective and dry hands, and it can be used as the following: [1]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Mix an amount of lemon juice with an appropriate amount of rose water and a little glycerin.The mixture is distributed on the hands and massaged.Leave the mixture for 20 minutes, then wash the hands with water.The method is repeated daily for two weeks; for best results.Vinegar mixtureVinegar is an excellent treatment for broken and dry hands because it contains acetic acid; Which effectively allows the skin and vinegar is used by following the following method:[1]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Mix a few cups of water with a cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.Hands are soaked in the mixture for 7 to 15 minutes.Rub hands in the mixture.Hands are washed with clean water and a little petroleum jelly or moisturizer is placed on them.Another way to use vinegar:Mix one amount of apple cider vinegar with another amount of honey and one amount of rice flour to make a thick mixture.Add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture.Wash your hands and gentl

2 vinegar mixture

y massage the mixture into them for a few minutes.Hands are washed with warm water.Aloe vera mixtureAloe vera contains natural moisturizing properties for the skin, as it maintains the moisture of the skin, treats rough and dry skin. It also forms a protective layer on the skin, improves its color and can be used as follows: [2]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Fresh aloe vera gel is placed directly on the hands.Gently massage the hands for a few minutes, then leave the gel for 10-15 minutes.Hands are washed with warm water.The mixture is used once or twice a day.Orange juiceOrange juice contains citric acid and vitamin (C); Therefore, it is effective in whitening the skin, relieving skin pigmentation, and it can be used by following these steps: [3]DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Fresh orange juice is placed on the hands with a cotton ball before going to bed.Leave the juice on for 30 minutes.Wash with warm water.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Aloe vera mixture

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The best tried hand mixture

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