The best way to eliminate acne permanently

1 The best medical way to eliminate acne permanently

The best way to eliminate acne permanently – ” Contents1 The best medical way to get rid of acne permanently2 The best natural ways to get rid of acne permanently3 ReferencesThe best medical ways to get rid of acne permanentlyThere are many medical ways to treat acne, including:[1]Chemical peeling: the process of chemical peeling is done by applying a solution to the skin, as this solution works to get rid of dead skin cells and white heads, as it works to develop new skin cells, and this process is repeated to get the best The results, and some side effects such as redness and peeling may appear.Light: the process is done by applying a medicine on the skin to make the skin more sensitive to light, then the skin is exposed to many types of lights such as: red light, blue light or both, but there are many side effects such as redness, pain and others.The best natural ways to eliminate acne permanentlyThere are many natural methods that help get rid of acne, but there is no natural remedy that permanently treats acne, and these are natural methods:apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar helps to eliminate acne; Because it contains acids, in addition to containing vitamins and minerals, it should be noted that it contains many an

2 The best natural ways to eliminate acne permanently

ti-bacterial properties, which purifies the skin and strives to restore the level of hydrogen A. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that eliminates the bacteria that causes acne. The method is: [2]ingredients:One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (not follow).Two teaspoons of cold green tea.Five teaspoons of sugar.One teaspoon of raw honey.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make the mixture.The mixture is placed on the affected area with circular movements.Leave this mixture for 10 minutes, then wash the area with water.This method is repeated once a week.Rice waterCedar water helps to reproduce cells and keeps the skin healthy; It contains many antioxidants and minerals that cleanse the skin and reduce pigmentation and scars, as this method is suitable for all skin types, and the method is:[3]ingredients:Half a cup of uncooked rice.Two cups of water.One piece of to prepare:Boil the rice in water until it is cooked through.Strain the water, then let it cool.A piece of cotton is soaked in water, then placed on the area.Aloe veraThe aloe vera plant is a tropical plant that contains gel, as aloe vera gel helps to eliminate bacteria that cause acne; It contai

ns salicylic acid, sulfur and promotion of wound healing, and it should be noted that aloe vera works to treat burns, fight inflammation and can be prepared by bringing an aloe vera leaf where the aloe vera gel is extracted from the paper using a La Spoon, and the gel is placed on the area, and this method is repeated once, or twice a day, aloe vera gel can be added to clove and basil to increase their effectiveness in reducing the elimination of acne. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best way to eliminate acne permanently

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