The best way to eliminate acne

1 medical ways to eliminate acne

The best way to eliminate acne – “Contents1 medical ways to get rid of acne2 natural ways to get rid of acne3 types of acne4 referencesMedical methods to eliminate acneThere are common medications used to eliminate young love, including:[1]Salicylic acid: There are many young love that contains this acid, as it helps to prevent the blockage of pores, and thus prevent pimples from being formed.Benzoyl Peroxide: It helps to kill the bacteria causing young love, and the treatment may need at least 4 weeks to prevent young love from appearing.Topical Retinol: This is a topical medication to treat young love, as it helps prevent its formation, and it may require a period ranging from 8 to 12 weeks to meet the required results.Natural ways to eliminate acneLemon juice recipeLemon has an acidic property that helps to treat acne, as it cleans the pores of the skin from the dirt in which it has accumulated, and the way is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of lemon juice.A quantity of rose water equal to the quantity of lemon juice.A mixture of to prepare:Prepare the bowl and mix the ingredients inside well.The skin infected by the skin is washed well.This recipe is repeated once a day.Note: If dry skin is noticed, this

2 natural ways to eliminate acne

recipe is repeated once every two days, or every three days.Basil recipeBasil contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and inflammation, making it a great recipe to eliminate youthful love, and the way is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of fresh basil leaves.A quantity of warm water.A mixture of to prepare:Basil leaves are placed in the bowl.Pour warm water over the basil leaves and soak it for 20 minutes.The mixture is placed on the infected skin before going to bed and left it overnight.The skin is washed with water the next morning.This recipe is repeated regularly for satisfactory results.Recipe for zubadiZubadi reduces skin inflammation as it contains anti-inflammatory properties, as it reduces its redness and moisturizes, so it is an effective treatment to eliminate acne, and this recipe is suitable for all skin types, and its method is:[4]Ingredients: 1-2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and Anikon is slightly cooled or at room temperature.How to prepare:A layer of yogurt is placed on the injured skin with clean fingers.Leave the yogurt on the skin for 15 minutes.The skin is washed with water.Types of acneYoung love appears in different for

3 types of acne

ms, including: [5]White heads: these pills appear under the skin and have a white head, and their size is usually small.Blackheads: these black pimples appear on the surface of the skin.Oil: These are pills in the form of protuberances, which appear pink on the surface of the skin.Push: These are pimples on a red skin surface and contain pus.Bags: These bags appear clearly on the surface of the skin, usually painful and full of pus.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best way to eliminate acne

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