The best way to get rid of acne

1 Benzuel Brookide cleaner

The best way to get rid of acne – ” Contents1 Clean Benzuel Brookide2 Tea Tree Oil3 Aloe Vera Gel4 garlic5 Sulfur Mask6 referencesBenzwell Broccide CleanserBenzwell Peroxide Cleanser is one of the most powerful components of acne, as it is used in many facial wash products. One of the facial lotion products can be chosen and it is best to choose a type that contains peeled granules to soften the skin, And it is used twice in the morning and evening to wash the skin, and in case of acne on various areas of the body such as shoulders, back or chest, Are also washed twice a day with the use of a lotion and purification that Contains Brooks Benzuel, and the same skin wash can be used for the body, and it is recommended to clean the skin before going to sleep from cosmetic residues using a cosmetic remover that does not contain on oils. [1]Tea tree oilTea tree oil contains purified ingredients, fighting bacteria, especially the nudist bacteria that cause acne (English: acnes) and Staph bacteria (English: Epidermidis), in addition to reducing infections in leather, and a study showed that the use of the Use of the use A gel contains five percent tea tree oil equal to the effectiveness of the acne wash, which contains fiv

2 tea tree oil

e percent of benzuel peroxide, in addition to the emergence of side effects lower than the use of benzwell peroxide, Such as skin irritation and dryness, tea tree oil is a strong oil and can not be placed directly on the skin, because it can cause irritation or redness, so it must be diluted with one of the oilers, or with water, and it is prepared by a solution of diluted tea tree oil: [2]how to prepare:Add a portion or amount of tea tree oil to nine ingredients of water.Wet a piece of cotton with the solution and are placed directly on the grains.Moisturize the skin after using it.Repeat the method once or twice a day.Aloe Vera Aloe VeraAloe vera gel contains sedative, epidermal and skin cooling ingredients, in addition to its ability to relieve inflammation and reduce oils produced by the skin. Fresh aloe vera gel can be used through:[3]how to prepare:Cut the aloe vera leaves, scrape the gel from inside the leaves, then embody the electric blender to get a smooth gel that can be used and stored in the refrigerator.Apply the gel to the areas affected by the skin, which is many grains.garlicGarlic is one of the herbs rich in antioxidants and other purified components, anti -bacter

3 Gel Aloe Vera aloe vera

ia, fungi and various viruses, and it can be used in two ways by including it in the daily diet as a protective factor; To purify the blood, stop the spread of acne and maintain public health, garlic can be used directly on the skin:[3]how to prepare:Take and peel the garlic.Put it on the areas affected by acne.Repeat it more than once a day.Note: Puree garlic, mixed with water and apply it on the sensitive skin; To avoid skin irritation.SulfurSulfur mask is used to reduce the appearance of acne in case all other treatments are exhausted, because sulfur mask helps to relieve skin inflammation, reduce the size of grains and clean the pores. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 garlic

The best way to get rid of acne

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