The best way to moisturize hands

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The best way to moisturize hands – ” Contents1 hand moisturizer2 coconut oil3 aloe vera gel4 tips for keeping hands moist5 referencesHand moisturizersThere are many hand and ready moisturizers on the market, and it is best to put the moisturizer after every time the hands are washed; To help them recover natural moisture, [1] also, the hand moisturizer can be chosen according to the effective ingredients, which protect the skin from distress and increased moisture, and the best moisturizing ingredients in the hand moisturizers come: [ 2]Vaseline.Mineral oils.Shea butter.Hyaluronic acid.Glycerin.Lactic acid, but it may cause tingling if applied to cracked skin.Note: These ingredients prevent moisture loss, and they rush to heal the skin, and for those with sensitive skin, it is best to avoid using moisturizers that contain fragrances or colors.Coconut oilIn addition to having sedative properties, it can also moisturize the skin. In a study that compared the effectiveness of coconut oil and mineral oils in moisturizing dry skin, it was proven that coconut oil itself has the ability to moisturize the skin like mineral oils after using them for two weeks, and it was found to help treat eczema. [3]Aloe vera gelAloe vera

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gel is an easy to prevent component and is found in skin care products in abundance; To possess the properties of antibiotics and bacteria, it can be used as hand moisturizer as a natural and safe substance on the skin. [1]Tips for keeping hands moistTo protect the hands from dehydration, the following tips can be followed:[1]Application of sunscreen on hands; Protect them from sunlight that causes dry skin, burns and other problems.Follow the deep moisturizing method for those who suffer from very dry hands, placing a lot of moisturizer on the hands and covering them with gloves all night.Avoid excessive hand washing with soap; it contains chemicals that dry out the skin.Wear gloves when dealing with water for a long time.Hand peel to get rid of dry, dead skin using exfoliating products, light stones or household exfoliating recipes.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

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The best way to moisturize hands

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